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Oil, water and windshield wiper pumps

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There are some things couples should NOT do together.
I learned this the hard way last week.
About a month ago, my husband got me a 1981 red Corvette (cue the Prince song here). We both a have bit of an obsession with old cars, and agree that this one is way cool . . . and yes, it goes really fast. However, as you would expect with a vehicle that is 25 years old, it needs a little work. Professionals took care of things like the exhaust and suspension, but there are several “little” items that my husband decided to do himself. I should point out that Michael spent much of his youth tinkering on cars, and I spent much of mine watching my dad do the same. That does not mean that I have much of a clue about what’s what, what needs to be fixed, or what goes where once the hood is popped!
The “little” thing that Michael needed my help with last week was replacing the windshield wiper pump. The problem . . . that “little” item resides in a spot that is practically inaccessible to regular people who are not properly equiped to move the master brake cylinder in order to reach it!
I won’t bore you with all the details of this endeavor, except to say it involved 1) my husband on the ground on his back 2) me standing over him holding a VERY BIG socket wrench 3) both of us slicing the snot out of our hands 4) lots of swearing 5) rain and 6) me eventually dropping the socket wrench into a place where it could not be recovered without making a trip to Auto Zone.
I’ve not yet reached my five year anniversary, but I’m convinced there are certain things that do not mix. This list now includes husbands, wives and car repair. The good news is, we are leaving for a vacation this Wednesday. Hopefully, when I return I will be able to blog about the fun things couples can do together without feeling the urge to beat one another with a socket wrench!
In the meantime, please tune in to the Channel 13 News for your daily fix of what’s happening in and around Central Iowa.
Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to share your stories about the joys of coupledom.


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