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Is a vacation ever long enough?
We had three nights in Las Vegas last week, and it felt like three hours.
I hadn’t been there since I was a little kid, which was a traumatic experience. My Grandma Moody hit some sort of jackpot when we were there, and although I’m sure it wasn’t much, it appeared to me as if the slot machine would never stop spitting out coins. I proceeded to scoop them up, and was promptly escorted to the sidewalk (in tears) by some sort of casino manager. This is probably one of the reasons a) I don’t gamble and b) I haven’t been to Sin City since.
This excursion was much different. The highlights: The VH1 “Rock Honors” concert, which we stumbled upon simply because we were staying in the hotel where it was happening. Got to see Queen, Judas Priest, Def Leppard and Kiss and I had to resist the urge to rat my hair and don acid washed jeans. If you’re a child of the 70’s and 80’s like me and you’d like to see it, the special airs Wednesday night at 8pm on VH1. The following night – Barry Manilow. He still sounds great, but looks like he’s had way too much plastic surgery. We ate tons of great food. Enjoyed four hours at a spa. I watched my husband play blackjack, and win . . . before losing. Came back to IA and felt as if I needed a vacation, after the vacation.
Finally, a few comments related to comments . . .
1) You are right, I’m not supposed to get any time off in May. However, the May ratings period officially ended last Wednesday, and I won’t be taking any time off in June since that’s when I go back on the air. Proof that there are exceptions to the rule.
2) I guess the point of this blog could very easily be up for debate. Originally, I thought it was designed to let viewers know what we’re covering, how we’re covering it, and why we’re covering it. I still plan on including some of those things in this blog, but the fact is . . . most people who want to know a lot of that information get it directly from our website or via John Bachman’s Daily Journal. The direct feedback I’ve gotten is that people wanted to hear more about random thoughts and regular stuff. It’s a vehicle for folks to communicate with me and our newsroom, and I’m always open to suggestions and questions so feel free to send both in my direction.
3) Grandparents (of either gender) are THE BEST. All of mine are gone now, and I miss them terribly. My Grandma Susan died almost one year ago. She literally helped raise me, and lived two doors away from me practially my entire childhood. Sometimes I still think about calling her, and then remember that she’s gone. G’ma Susan may not be here physically, but I will never forget many of the things she taught me. Here’s one of her quotable quotes. “It’s nice to be nice to the nice.”
On that note, have a nice day and thanks for reading!


  • Anonymous

    Erin,CAN’T BELIEVE you “stumbled” upon the VH-1 Rock Honors concert. Who does that? That kind of stuff only happens to you. Glad you had fun in Vegas. Sounds like I’ll be making my third appearance in Sin City in August… cause I love going when it’s tropical!Good to see you’ll be back on the air soon. Missed ya!Jeremy B. – Your favorite radio guy/former favorite floor director

  • Heather R.

    Congratulations on your on-air debut! You did fantastic this morning! I have been a big fan since you were @ KCCI. Welcome to WHO! Break a leg tonight! *Well not really..*

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