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ISU on The Bus, Remembering Rob, Lost in the Maze.

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The Cyclones jump on The Bus. This is great news for Iowa State fans, particularly those in Central Iowa. When you go from 5,000 watts on KXNO to a 100,000 watts on 100.3 FM, that’s a big boost. AD Jamie Pollard wants to expand the brand, and having the football and basketball games on a station that doesn’t require the listener to wrap himself in tin foil and point a wire hanger toward the AM tower is a HUGE plus. I don’t understand why some fans are complaining. What did they expect? XM satellite radio? Actually, that wouldn’t be as good as The Bus.

Steve Deace always had a lot more on his mind than sports. Some listeners didn’t like that, but the guess is here they’re going to miss Deace on KXNO. He’s headed over to WHO radio to provide a long overdue conservative voice (kidding). Best of luck to Steve in his new gig. He’s earned it.

The tough part of the business is for someone to move up, someone else often gets moved aside. Hard to see Jerry Reno and Sue Danielson lose their spot after 15 years at WHO, but the two pros handled it with class.

I’m honored and humbled that Rob Borsellino’s wife, Rekha, asked me to host the memorial service for Rob Saturday at Principal Park. It’s remarkable how many people were touched in some way by one of Rob’s columns or a brief meeting. He was in Des Moines for just 15 years but he left quite an impression. Rob had such a gift for never making his opinions seem personal. I know several people who didn’t agree with Rob’s politics, but loved his spirit. Sadly, that doesn’t happen very often these days.

I received an e-mail from Rob just a few days before he died. I had sent a very sentimental letter, and he returned a good one-liner. To the end, he wanted smiles, not tears. We’re going to honor that Saturday with a respectful roast.

My partner Andy Fales ranks #1 in Juice’s first year anniversay poll for the best quote of the year. Here it is. Andy on why he hangs out at Taki Steakhouse, “The place is crawling with hot women looking for cultured, wordly men, and I have perfected the art of posturing as such.”
That’s my boy.

Went up to Clear Lake this weekend with my girlfriend, our kids and our parents. What a great time we had. Except for Fort Custer. Have you been to this nightmare on Earth? It’s a maze right off I-35. The kids finished in 30 minutes. After an hour an a half, I was still stuck and finally had to crawl under a wall. If not for heat stroke and dehydration I would have finished. The maze ruins lives.

Saw X-Men 3. Liked it a lot. B+
Only saw half of Over the Hedge. The 2 year old, Colin, wasn’t quite ready, but a B+ for what I did see.
The Sentinel was a major disappointment and colossal waste of talent. Any two hours of 24 was better than this mess. C- just because Kiefer Sutherland almost plays Jack Bauer.

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  • Jerry Reno

    Countdown week on DTDM.Hey Murph…thanks for the nice comments…yeah, life moves one..and so do we. Taking a cue from my sports buddy, I’ve created a blog at:http://jerryreno.blogspot.com.I, too, am going to miss the “slightly off the center line” take from Mr. Borsellino..calling the shots in the Reg.Keep the torch burnin’Reno

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