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One year ago

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Time flies.
I’m beginning to sound like my mother.
Don’t they say that happens to everyone?

One year ago today I walked into the newsroom here at WHO to start my one year off the air, and behind the scenes. It’s been a strange and wonderful learning experience, and a part of me doesn’t want to go back to being on the tube. I’m sure it will be fine once I’m back in the swing of things, but today just feels very weird. It may be because I had to be up before the sun in order to take part in our morning show, and run around to various radio stations. Thanks to those of you who’ve taken the time to drop me a line with encouraging comments. The bottom line is, I love my job and I’m lucky to be doing what I do with a bunch of great people.

Tonight we’re bringing you the latest in the CIETC salary scandal, and more on a report that the Governor’s office oringally said would remain secret, but is now being released. Dave Price will tell you what’s in the report, and what the Governor has to say about it.
So far this year there have been 11 motorcycle fatalities in Polk County alone. Tonight, Kerry Kavanaugh talks with cops and riders about the unsettling trend and what can be done to keep those numbers down.
Jon Cahill is following up on the tragic accident that happened in western Iowa yesterday, when three men fell from an IPTV tower. OHSA is now investigating the incident.
Listen up all you folks obsessed about aging . . . tonight at 10, Jannay Towne has a story about lunchtime facelifts! I have not yet read her script, so I’m not sure what’s up with these procedures . . . tune in and check it out!



  • Michael Durham

    AWESOME JOB LAST NIGHT! You are certainly a natural at anchoring. I have been anxiously awaiting your appearance on the evening news. I was unaware though that you had a blog until I came across it on whotv.com. I wish I would have known earlier. As a reporter I know you must try to keep a common ground with both sides of every issue. It’s nice to see what some reporters really think of the issues they report on though. I hope you will enjoy your anchoring position.

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