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We just hooked up at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in beautiful downtown Des Moines…site of Chet Culver for Gov Victory Party Headquarters.
Breaking news…tornado just hit in Linn County someplace. Polls shut down for about a half hour, but they’re back up. The Culver Camp was hoping for high turnout tonight. I wonder if that’ll affect things.
With Culver’s early name i.d. and his daddy’s early money connections, they think they should get a bunch of support tonight. If not, look out.
Poll politics has been interesting the last few days. Monday, at his last stop around 6pm, Culver cited poll numbers from last week. Said he’d win this. Blouin, about an hour earlier, cited more recent polling. Said race too close to call. I talked to Fallon on the phone about 8pm (he was getting back too late to get him on camera) Fallon said folks at his stops prove he has the big mo (momentum). Ah, the numbers game.
Who’s gonna win this tonight? Let’s talk about it…
Gotta get ready to go on tv…stay tuned.

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  • Anonymous

    Man, take off that suit shirt. The public wants to see normal people run for office, not a lawyer.

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