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Feelin’ good

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Patty Judge says the Culver Camp’s “upbeat”. I just ran into her at Culver for Gov HQuarters here at the Hotel Ft. DSM. Yep, that’s a direct quote…”upbeat.” They always say that at these things. I wonder if anyone says, “this stinks. We’re getting our a*$’s beat!” Probably not. Of course, no one’s saying that here.

But she’s been through all of this before. Judge says she got a good night’s sleep. She feels good. Good to sleep in her own bed. She told me she had to run her car through the carwash twice after the statewide tour. Lots o’ bugs. Looks good now, she says. No sign of Chet C. No surprise. Probably won’t see him for hours. Maybe not til the speech. Victory Speech?

It’s getting close to 6. Gotta go back on tv… I hope dinner comes soon…getting hungry.