It’s almost time…

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The cold ones are flowing here at Culver Campaign Central. Still an hour to go til the numbers come in. At least there are some people here now. It’s been empty. A few signs fell down. Is THAT a sign?

There are some nervous people. I’m hearing republicans are switching parties at the polls. Wonder if that’ll make a difference? Help Blouin? Help Fallon?

CC Campaign Manager Patrick Dillon found out he’ll have to “fill time” with us, as we call it, if we don’t have a winner by 10pm.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” just started playing. BTO, I think. O.K., now some feedback. What is this now? I think it’s Debbie Boone’s “You Light Up My Life”. Did they mean to play that?


  • Anonymous

    Looking at that picture, I can’t tell for sure but is that Jarrett tearing signs off the wall behind Patrick Dillon? No, maybe putting them back on the wall?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely not… Jarrett is a much more respected and trustworthy journalist than you’ll ever know.

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