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As we get the show together this morning..We’re doing it on a little less sleep than normal.
I don’t know if it was just me, but the thunder lightening and …yes…RAIN, actually woke me up. Let’s see if it was enough rain to do the same to some of our dormant lawns. You can call it a James Bond rain. We actually only saw about .007 inches according to Jerianne

If you missed it there was an amber alert issued this weekend in Iowa. Two teens went missing for a few hours in northwest Iowa.
They found one of the two with the man they were looking for but the second girl is still missing this morning.

The CIETC hearings continue at the statehouse today and tomorrow. We’ve still got a lot of informatiuon on our website about the investigation into CIETC and Iowa Workforce Development. Just go to WHOTV.COM
Here’s a look at the upcoming meeting and the agendas. These are open to the public.

Two US soldiers are still missing this morning. At about 6:30 we found out seven US soldiers have been injured in the search for these two. Now MSNBC is reporting Al-Queida is taking responsibility for the kidnapping.

Now to some of the good stuff:

Researchers now say red wine can put you to sleep. No, not that way.
It’s supposed to be good for a restful sleep.
That flies in the face of a couple of articles that came up when I Googled this study.

Speaking of sleep…Apparently those of us who get up at crazy hours also snack a lot.

Trisha’s favorite story of the day has to do with migraines and excuses.

If you saw the US Open yesterday, you are in shock like me this morning.
Phil, take out a three iron…hit it down the middle say thanks for the trophy and head to England for the British Open.
Seriously, he called himself and idiot after the round.
I wanted to see the guy win, and he may never have a better chance than he did this year.

And if you missed it Friday, I-Cubs owner and former editor of the Des Moines Register Michael Gartner had an Op/Ed piece in the USA Today. If you missed it, read it, then send it to your Dad.

More tomorrow.
As always your comments and questions are welcome.

Patrick Dix

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