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Naw, just kidding, they did spell that one right…CIETC. They just couldn’t get much else right.
Here’s what the Legislative Fiscal Services’ list of testifiers (is that a word?) looked like for the Govt Oversight Committee hearing on Monday:

Jack Cline, CEO, CIETC
Tammy Higar, Payroll Clerk, CIETC
Diane Bolden, Executive Secretary, CIETC and CIETC Board

Tammy Higar even joked about the list during her testimony. She said she thought she had a different job until she showed up at the statehouse.

Here’s how the list should have read:

Jack’s really a program manager.
Tammy’s really an assistant accountant.
Dianne’s really an administrative assistant.

But who cares about titles anyway.

Dave Price
General Manager


  • Anonymous

    Typical of the inflated sense of self worth that our government employees have. No wonder we live in an us-against-them city, county and state!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sad that our entire state is ran like CEEETEKK. We all pay a few hundred a year for all the bonuses flying around. Does the state actually care? Nope. It is truely us against them and we are losing, cause if we speak out, the cops will come get us. But get busted for writing a bogus check and you can get 50 years in prison. If a state employee gets busted for fraud and giving out a few million (of what we know of) to his friends and cohorts? Nuttin except keep his City Council seat while his other buddy, Sarcone refuses to do anything about it (hhmm, bet he got some too or at least some free golf passes out at Lakewood). But, get ready for more taxes… Now that one money pit has been caught, they got to start up two more.

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