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Charges in the Miller Case, An Early 4th of July and A Very Special Week in Iowa

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Good Friday morning.

News of an arrest in connection with the death of Evelyn Miller is relief for her family. We’ve got more reaction this morning including how her hometown paper in Charles City is reporting the case. ___________________________________________________________________
There’s a new tape out from Osama Bin Laden. He’s got a praise for the late leader of his group in Iraq, and a warning for President Bush.
Meanwhile all is not quiet in the Middle East where it looks like the situation in the Gaza Strip is actually deteriorating. The kidnapping of one Israeli soldier sparked this latest ramp up in fighting between Palestinians and the Israeli Army.

The US Supreme Court decided detainees at the Guantanimo Base can’t be tried in war Crime Tribunals. Here’s the full opinion and the President’s reaction.
We’re still digesting the Annie E Casey foundation’s Kid’s Count report. One of the Headlines pulled from it today. Fewer kids drop out of Iowa High Schools that in any other state.
To the weekend now and an early Fireworks display. Someone needs to get the people over at Yankee Doodle Pops a calendar. We’re going to have fireworks tonight, June 30th…Not close to the 4th of July. Not sure why. Why wouldn’t we do this Sunday night? Even Monday night. Most people have the day off Tuesday.
Anyway it’s always a great show.
Getting there and going home should be a trick with all of the downtown construction. There are some suggestions to get you through the traffic on the link above.
This weekend also kicks off an event that I’m not sure Iowans have wrapped their arms around just yet. The first ever National Special Olympics Games are in Ames starting this weekend. That’s a BIG DEAL.
It starts Saturday with an airlift to the Des Moines Airport. The people at Cessna, and a host of volunteer pilots are bringing in about half of the athletes that will compete. They’re coming in on about 230 flights from 39 airports in 28 states. The planes are going to land and take off in about 90 second intervals. It should be quite a show at the airport.
Here’s a schedule for the games if you’re looking for more information.
The president’s approval rating got a boost in the latest LA Times Poll. Maybe he did a nice job in a duet with the Japanese Prime Minister. The two are headed to Graceland today. Apparently, Mr. Koizumi is a big fan of “The King”.

On a more personal note…I think it’s weird how things happen sometimes?

I say that in this context: I woke up at 2am to a WHO radio report that Northwestern University Football Coach Randy Walker died last night. The news is almost never on when the alarm turns on, the announcer had just started the story about Walker, and my wife went to Northwestern. Walker was the fist coach to lead Northwestern to three bowl games and was generally considered a good coach and a good guy. Just weird that the story came on at the same time my alarm went off this morning.

We both grew up running the nearly empty stands at Northwestern games on fall Saturdays. That’s when they used to let you into the games for free. Any Saturday we can watch the Cats we usually do. We actually got booed in the mall this year when we wore out Northwestern gear out after they beat Iowa.
Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend. The Morning Buzz is taking the weekend off and that includes Monday and Tuesday.

As always your questions and comments are welcome.
Patrick Dix

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