Highway 210 Again…North Korea Again…and Gas Prices Again

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Good Morning…

Overnight last night there was another bad crash on Highway 210 in Story County. According to a deputy, this isn’t the first time an accident like this has happened in this spot.

We also learned North Korea isn’t finished firing off it’s test missiles. A south Korean news agency has a story about more missiles ready to launch.
That story, along with the news that a soldier died in Afghanistan and more violence in Iraq means instability.
Instability around the world = higher gas prices for you and me.
Brain Drain is the topic Elizabeth Klinge takes up this morning and it’s interesting.
Do you remember how your parents tried to keep you engaged in learning over the summer? Liz talked about things like Scrabble, hangman, trips to the grocery store or the bank as suggestions to sneak in a little learning over the summer. My wife tells the story of her family sitting around playing blackjack for pennies as a way to learn how to do simple math. Of course this led to the embarrassing moment when her math teacher asked her to add five and six and her response was…HIT ME!(ok that story is not true but the blackjack thing is.)
The Space Shuttle Discovery docks with the Iinternational Space Station this morning and drops off some supplies and relief crew for the station.
Washington Post
and The BBC all have good updates on the progress of Discovery.
And one of the coolest stories of the morning…How would you like to have your family’s story recorded in the National Archives? It could happen if you can get to Ames by July 30th. A project through NPR allows you to record your story. Trish and her husband are signed up to do this. We’ll see if they make it into the history books.

Brad Ehrlich promises he’s got a way to save you five minutes on your afternoon commute. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow on Today in Iowa.

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Have a good day!
Patrick Dix

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