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The Secretary of defense made a surprise visit to Afghanistan overnight. He wants to talk to the Afghan President about how the drug trade may be supporting the Taliban.

No resignations and no surprises at the Des Moines City Council meeting last night. Now it’s on to the courts where a group of citizens says it will ask a judge to step in and remove Archie Brooks and Tom Vlassis. We did hear one thing we haven’t heard through this whole thing last night. We finally heard from people who support Vlassis and Brooks. Here’s a questions for you. In a city the size of Des Moines, are seven thousand signatures enough to force a resignation? Are people really fired up about the CIETC scandal? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Pierre Pierce will likely get an early release from prison. Before you ask, “why is he getting out early?”, let me share this with you. The Iowa Parole Board likes to give prisoners an early release so there can be some supervision of a former inmate as they transition back into the real world. It makes sense when you think about it. If they just let him finish his sentence, they have to give him a little cash and send him on his way. No one has any authority to make sure prison time really did change the direction of his life.

The state’s new 2000 foot rule for sex offenders got it’s first real legal challenge yesterday when a Polk county judge ruled it unconstitutional. The case was that of a Windsor highs man we’d featured on our newscasts before. He was convicted of having sex with the woman he later married and father five children with. They still are married by the way. He’s considered a danger to society and the law restricts where he lives. Interesting debate. Public safety vs an Individual’s right to live freely once they’ve served a sentence.

The space shuttle astronauts are fixing jet packs with duct tape.

For you racing fans, it looks like Barbaro is having a tough time of it in his recovery.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why people can’t be patient about the council resignations. Do we really want to barge ahead before we know all the facts? Any reasonable person would admit that whatever Brooks and Vlasis’ involvement in the current fiasco, they’ve both been responsible for some very good things the city of Des Moines has accomplished.Once all the facts are known, if they’ve done something illegal, by all means they should be procecuted to the full extent of the law, just like any other criminal. But if all they are guilty of is poor judgement in this issue, I think it should be up to the voters to decide their fate.In the mean time, it’s our duty to keep an eye on things our elected officials do. Then use the PROPER proceedures to keep them in line. I don’t believe that finding a few thousand people who would sign a petition is anything more than a publicity stunt by people who have nothing better to do with their time. I wonder how many signatures on those petitions are from either Brooks or Vlasis’ constituents or even actual citizens of the city of Des Moines. These are all questions I’d want answers to before we take steps that could well be a big mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Patrick,Thaks for the insight into why in some instances a limited early release might be a good thing. I had never thought about it that way! Way to inform!

  • Anonymous

    Patrick,It seems prisons are more for punishment than rehabilitation. Wouldn’t we all be better off if we spent a bit more on the upfront to rehab these people?

  • Anonymous

    Patrick,I always read. This is my first comment though. I really appreciate your stuff. Keep it up! I with your blog was on the home page though. It is the one thing I come back time after time for and is a bit difficult to navigate to.

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