How Bad is This Going to Get? Finding Help, and Chasing History

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I asked, How bad is this going to get? When I listened to the reports of Israel bombing the Beirut airport, and the blockade of the port of Beirut this morning. This all started when an Israeli soldier was kidnapped more than two weeks ago, but it does not look like either side is backing down. Now the Interior Minister in Lebanon is calling the Israeli bombings an act of war.

The murder of a 23 year-old mother of two put the problem of domestic abuse into acute focus yesterday. We learned police had been called to the home of Tracy Davis and Troy Bresley at least three times in the past six months to resolve domestic complaints. This is a terribly tragic story but it also allows the media an opportunity. We can share resources with you so that people know there are ways out of an abusive situation. If you think this is not a problem in Iowa…Check out these statistics about domestic abuse in Iowa.

There’s another meeting in Des Moines tonight to talk about the merits of starting High School later so student perform and attend at a higher rate.

Another story to watch today, We’re hearing Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro is NOT doing well. Initial reports about his recovery might have been prematurely optimistic. He’s had three surgeries on that broken leg in the past week and now there’s word he’s got two types of infection.

On the lighter side of the news, there are a few fun sports stories. First, in eastern Iowa there’s a billboard going up that’s going to turn some heads. It simply states, “It’s a Cyclone State”. New Cyclone Athletic Director Jamie Pollard is really throwing down here. He’s trying to make sure Cyclone fans stop thinking of themselves at the “red headed step-child” of sports in this state.
By the way, the billboard isn’t just a boast. The Cy-Hawk trophy goes to ISU this year. The Cyclones won more head to head matchups when the two teams met this year. Before Hawk fans start to complain…Scoreboard.
This is a good thing for sports in Iowa.
I hope this state has two of the top college athletic programs in the country, an that the two continue a fierce, competitive, and friendly rivalry.

In the Quad Cities this weekend Michelle Wei chases history again. The 16 year-old will compete again the the John Deere Classic at The TPC Deere Run golf course. This is an exceptional golf course, and there is a good field of golfers. The pundits are already talking about how the top twenty golfers in the world aren’t in the field this week, but if she makes the cut, no one should diminish the accomplishment of this extraordinary young woman. Don’t be surprised if she changes the world of golf in the same way Tiger Woods did when he came on the scene.

And finally before I get a lot of comments on it….I did not intend to sound like I was putting down women’s six on six basketball when I asked, “didn’t we get rid of that?” on the air this morning.
If I sounded like I was making fun of the sport, that was not my intention. Apparently they’re bringing it back at the Iowa Games this week. The question came into my head…I thought we didn’t do that anymore?
I know there are a lot of people who really take pride in the fact that women’s basketball in Iowa is a unique tradition that has produced some great players. I got an email about it after the show but was unable to respond to the woman who sent it because her email address isn’t valid.

Anyway,. I hope you all have a good day.

Patrick Dix


  • Anonymous

    The whole Middle East conflict just leaves me saying…Can’t we all just get along. I know – very simplistic, but the world was not meant to be in this much conflict. Forget about the past trespasses and begin fresh.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the middle east is not on a good path. Seems like the world just keeps settling problems through violence more and more. Rather than talking and communicating, let’s just fight! Unfortunaltly, the US is following this plan as well. So much for being a civilized society.

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