Wait for Me, Lance!

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Another politician’s hopping on the RAGBRAI bandwagon. Jeff Lamberti, the 3rd district congressional republican candidate, is doing a leg on Thursday to Marengo. He’ll likely do a little shoulder-rubbing with Cycling King Lance Armstrong Wednesday night in Newton, too.
Gub and Lt Gub candidates Nussle and Vander P are also RAGBRAI-ing. No seats for the dems yet.


  • Anonymous

    I saw that the Boswell campaign is giving away “Boswell water bottles” to volunteers at Newton and Marengo.

  • green thumb girl

    Great blog today and i really like your “dry” sense of humor – wonder if those candidates riding will take those free offerings to help quench their “thirst”? Whatever it takes to get some publicity! Oops! Guess the free-bees only go to the volunteers. Guess the candidates will have to go without! Too bad…

  • Anonymous

    Go Go Gatchet Lance!With Boswell providing water with his name. Ok, if I were his age, there is no way in heck I would have done Ragbrai. If he were 20 years or so younger, he would probably ride the whole dang thing and smile the whole way, unlike Gatchet Lance. Not slamming Lance either. He’s pretty cool, just Gatchet Lance adds some dang personality to it…

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