High School Football Scores


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  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you’d call me a wussy, that’s real bold, like that’ll intimidate me into posting my name. It’s important to remember you can’t aim a duck to death.

  • WHOtv.com

    The all-knowing, all-seeing, brilliant genius behind WHOtv.com “could” make it so you can only post if you’re a registered Blogger user. Don’t force her hand… *insert evil laugh*

  • Anonymous

    Hey. I am anonymous, cause it is quicker to post that way. Love the video. First time I came on it didn’t work. Works fine now.

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh, you speak out against our state and they find out your name. Well simply put, you’ll be doing major time for j-walking. No thanks, I don’t like retribution for speaking my mind and the truth. Even if it is harsh, truth can hurt, but must be said. With news, we get spoon fed bits of information that are heavily tilted towards a specific objective. Sorry, if a reporter wants to report biased views, that makes them a political activist, not a reporter. So, anonymous it is. Have a nice day.

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