Heat in the headlines, Cease the Cease Fire, and Mel Gibson’s arrested

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The heat will dominate a lot of the news we do and hopefully people are getting the message. This is serious. The Polk County Health Department opened those cooling centers overnight. Few people took advantage but I think that may change tonight. Meanwhile, the heat continues to grip much of the country with temperatures as hot, or hotter than it is here. Makes me wonder just how crazy I am to go out and play golf in the Arthritis Foundation’s annual golf outing in Polk City today.

In Lebanon, we heard about a cease fire overnight. Israel still launched airstrikes overnight but they say the action was before the deadline for the 48-hour cease fire.

Mel Gibson is making news after being arrested for drunk driving. Mel made some anti-Semitic remarks tot he police officers who arrested him. His apology isn’t resonating with Jewish groups around the country.

Speaking of verbal gaffes. Governor Mitt Romney (MA) apparently used the term “tar baby” to describe a sticky situation this weekend while campaigning in Ames. The governor was on a lot of people’s favorite’s list for the Iowa Caucuses in 08. Dave Price is on vacation this week. I am sure he’d have a lot more to say in his blog, The Price of Politics.

Forbes listed the top 100 places to get a job. Des Moines didn’t make the list.

Stay cool out there.


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  • Anonymous

    Yes, Isreal and Lebanon are a mess, but let’s not forget…our Leaders have gotten us into a big mess in Afghanistan and Iraq. We can’t get that right, what makes us think we would be any help negotiating peace anywhere????

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