Changing Life Changing?

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Visit Florida. That’s what I’m doing right now. That’s the slogan here. Pretty simple. Must work. Of course, all the beaches, the dolphins, year-round warm weather…I guess those make tourism pretty easy. Iowa doesn’t have those things.

Life Changing. That is Iowa’s slogan right now. Perhaps, Iowa’s slogan is a little more important than Florida’s. Would it really matter if Florida’s was “Sure, you might die in a hurricane, but it’s better here in January than where you live”? Thousand, millions, I guess, would still visit here.
Clearly Iowa has to find a way to get more people to want to visit the state. It needs to find a way to get more people who grow up in the state to stay in the state. Then, we can quit using that stupid “brain drain” phrase.

Will “Life Changing” do that? What do you think? Can you come up with a better one?
If you do have one, then, come on, send it in (Thanks, Publishers’ Clearinghouse).
I’ll pick the top 5 (We’ll put “Life Changing” in, since that’s what we have now). Then we’ll all vote on the best one. Start typing.


  • Anonymous

    Come visit Iowa. It’s great. When you leave you will be on probation and return on revocation, which then you will be awarded with 3 great meals a day and job security for your highly paid hosts who enjoy giving you personal attention. LOL, that’s a good one. Except there are about 50,000 people who can back it up. Well, take away the foreceful invocation of pc and fuddy duddy stuff, then we have a great state to hang out in.

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