Rain and Heat, Payback time, and Castro Steps Aside.

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Good Morning…

The heat will stick around despite the rain we’re getting this morning. The rain is going to make things VERY uncomfortable. If you thought it was hot yesterday…it will just be nasty out there today. The good news is, there’s relief on the way.

The people who were supposed to get the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on excessive bonuses and salaries at CIETC are now knocking on the door and asking their money. The question now…Who’s going to pay it back? The suggestion from Iowa Workforce Development is that the cities and counties that have representatives on the CIETC board will have to pony up the money. It kind of feels like someone borrowed my car, asked for gas money to get somewhere, got caught speeding, and now I have to pay the ticket.

Fidel Castro transferred his executive power to his brother in Cuba last night. The news drew celebrations in the streets of Miami’s Little Havana last night. The Cuban dictator is recovering from surgery and says he won’t be able to make the decisions he needs to for a few weeks. Is this the beginning of the end of communism in Cuba? It may be an interesting few months in Cuba but never count Castro out.

Trisha is showing more interest in the blogging. I’m encouraging her to take the keyboard for a few days. Computers still scare her. She suggested a mini segment in the blog, “Trisha’s Two Cents”. She is not a woman of timidity however so, I think it might come out more like $1.50. She’ll get her chance next week when I go fishing.

She liked this next story about men and miscarriages. Interesting study that basically says men have a biological clock as well.

The Federal Court that held the tria for Zacarias Moussaoui is putting some of the exhibits online. Interesting, infuriating, and very hard memories for a lot of people. Just know going in, there will be some disturbing material here.

Oh yeah…Mel Gibson is going into rehab after his arrest for drunk driving.

Stay dry and stay cool out there.


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