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Searching for a Witness, Registration Day, and The Dream is Still Alive!

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Des Moines police called about half way through our show this morning. They wanted to tell us they’d contacted the person they think was on a second bike near a fatal accident last night. Witnesses say the woman killed in the accident was racing a second bike. We’ll see what the interview produces.

It’s registration day for Des Moines Public Schools. You’re supposed to know where your kid will go to Elementary school, but don’t worry if you are unsure. There a phone number you can use to get more information. Call: 242-7714. Liz Klinge told us this morning that the school construction from the summer is on schedule. Also interesting, but logical when you think about it. As these schools are renovated, more people move into the neighborhood around the school. Schools are seeing growth after their renovation plans are completed.

Also it’s tax free weekend this weekend. The State’s website was down this morning though so it was hard to get on.

Still haven’t seen or heard anything from Castro since his surgery.

Israel moved into the Gaza strip and conducted more airstrikes on Lebanon overnight, but Hezbollah isn’t backing down. It’s fighters rained 200 rockets down on Israelel last night.

The Prime Minister of Iraq is giving an optimistic view of when his security forces will be able to take over. Sounds like the US could have some options by years end. This is just one man’s opinion. We’ll see how that plays out with reality.

Jeff Clement is back in Des Moines! If you don’t remember the name, he’s the kid that set the National record for home runs in a high school career a few years ago. He was a first round draft pick for the Seattle Mariners and this summer he’s playing for their triple-A team. Principal Park 7:05.

The dream is till alive. I won $4 in Powerball last night. More importantly, no one won the grand prize. $205 million for Saturday’s drawing.

Have a good Thursday,

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