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Replacing Brooks, Lieberman isn’t done, and Finding What You Want at the Fair

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Sorry this is so late. We had a couple of guests in this morning. All of the living Governors of the state of Iowa were here for an Interview with John Bachman, and Greg Edwards of the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau was in as well. That’s why I’m just getting to post this.
Have a good day.

The Des Moines City Council meets this morning and is expected to set up a special election for the 4th ward council seat former councilman Archie Brooks. Three people are already lining up to take his place.

By the way, now that Brooks resigned from the Des Moines Council, some of the same activists that went after him, are focusing on Polk County Supervisor John Mauro. He was a member of the CIETC board but says he isn’t responsible for the inflated salaries and bonuses.

It was primary election night in a lot of states last night and some interesting results this morning. Joe Lieberman lost his primary in Connecticut, but says he’ll run in the general as an independent. In Georgia, Cynthia McKinney apparently doesn’t understand why voters chose not to send her back to Washington. After hitting a capitol Police officer, battles with the media and conspiracy theories about 9/11, it’s hard to believe. Last night she used her, “concession” speech to lay out some more interesting tidbits.

The State Fair Parade is finally here. There’s new information about on how to plan your day at the fair. That’s something new this year and might make the sometimes intimidating fairgrounds a little more

Before you go to the vending machine for your morning mountain Dew, you might wat to read the results of this study. The kids at Harvard say you’re gaining about 15 lbs a year with the 15 Dew-a-Day diet.

Brad Erlich is sitting next to me reminding me that getting to the Fair this year is going to be harder than an episode of Treasure Hunters. The ramp from 80 westbound to 235 is closing down 9-4 tomorrow. Here’s a link to the Fair’s page with directions.

As we said above find a shuttle stop and take the bus.

Have a good day,

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