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6 It Is…Almost

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There IS a sixth person who’s “seriously considering” running for Brooks’ spot on the DSM council. She’s Jane Riessen. She’s 28 and works as a lawyer for the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.
(Thanks to intern Jarrett Schneider for the tip. Jarrett, make sure your Drake journalism profs reads this)
So, sorry Brian Meyer. You’re not the youngest anymore. There’s a new kid in the race.


  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone want this job? What do they get paid? They are going to have a huge mess to clean up. Is any $ amount worth it? I am so sick and tired of the whole scare tactic scenario! Vote for me because I am tough on terror. No, vote for me because the other guys have messed up the war!It is all a mess. Nobody has enough guts to stand up and say we screwed up. Many people have died because of our mistakes and we need a plan to fix the mess. Neither Democrat nor Republican is willing to quit playing it safe. Come on. Tell the truth and have a plan to fix it already!!! How long can this go on? Can you imagine how much safer we really could be if we hadn’t squandered the good will of virtually the entire world after 9/11? If we had spent our money wisely? Is there not one real leader out there today?????

  • Anonymous

    Actually it was not a Bush bashing. I apologize if I was unclear. I feel that all of our politicians have failed us. Both Democrats and Republicans voted to go to war.Both Democrats and Republicans voted to continue funding the war. Both Democrats and Republicans have gotten our country into a financial mess. They are all to blame. My hope is that we get past the blame and put together a plan to fix things. It is just very hard to do that because no one will admit the mess we are in. If we can’t admit the problems, we can’t fix them.

  • Anonymous

    Bush bashing? Well, i really don’t like Bush, but I am far from a democrat. Actually, i really can’t stand either party anymore. They make me want to hurl everytime I turn on the idiot box. I was recently in Detroit and wanna know what they were reporting.?. The gentleman that purchased the 80 cell phones (that all teh news were reporting), actually only purchase 18. At least that’s what was being reported locally. In any case, it’s about right.Now for our local city council seat. WOOHOO! Brooks is outta there buddy! What a crook and not a tid bit better than a bank robber, except all of us are the victims. Then again, most of them are pretty crooked. Let’s vote a felon into the job. At least then we’ll know the person is honest when they steal from us. It’s a pretty sad day when our local criminal population is actually a lot more honest than our fine upstanding leaders. Yes, I went there, that’s a burn. :)

  • Anonymous

    Also heard that a deputy county auditor is looking at the position seriously. Cannot remember name though.

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