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Bad, bad batteries, Better than the Fair?, Puppy love

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Bad, bad batteries.

Dell is recalling laptop batteries.
Here’s why. The above link gives you the nitty-gritty on which types are the problems.

Shelter Blues

Seems no one wants to live near a homeless shelter, as much as they know one is needed. Central Iowa Shelter Services- formerly known as Churches United- is planning to build a 173 bed facility near I-235 and Keo Way. Residents of nearby Cheatom Park plan to protest at a meeting tomorrow. they say it’s too close to home, a “not-in-my-bakcyard” phenomenon apparently. Cold-hearted, or self-protective? What do you think?

Loving the weather? I’m a cool weather fan, and can’t wait for fall. We’ve been eating meals outside on the patio, taking lots of walks, and soaking up this awesome fresh air!

Fair alternatives

Dare I suggest for parents of small kids – a day at the fair isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be? As you may have seen in my piece Saturday morning, the fair can be a bit overwhelming for very little ones! My son Calvin (not quite 4) was my guinea pig. Our photojournalist Brad Argo followed us around with a camera to capture the state fair thru a kids’ eyes. Well, Cal had lots of fun, but a few ugly tantrums, and a big scare on a too-fast roller coaster! He also lost his mind when we had to leave prematurely, when Brad got called to another assignmnent! Poor Brad (no kids now, and probably never after this!) had to suffer the consequences, with a very loud and whiny car ride home.A Child’s First Fair Here’s what the experience taught me.

A. Don’t take a little kid to the fair if you’re tight on time!!!
B. Expect them to have a hard time leaving anything that’s fun, and moving on to the next thing.

C. Bring Tylenol.
D. Search for alternatives if they’re too young to handle the fair!

OK – after Calvin’s trauma at the fair, I realized something. All he really wanted was to “drive a car” (which we never found), and ride the merry go round. The next day, I took him to a discount store with a car ride out front – plunked in 50 cents and he was happy. Then we hit the grocery store, where he got to “drive” the cart shaped like a car. (He begs to drive those things!).

Then that afternoon, I took him to the Union Park Heritage carousel (north side of Des Moines.) 2 rides – $1.00 total. With plenty of warning that we could only ride TWO TIMES, Cal was a sweetheart instead of a demon. Amazing. Sometimes thinking “small” is the way to go when it comes to making kids happy.

Back to school countdown!
I know some of you parents are with me in being ready for the school (in my case, preschool) routine to start again! Don’t get me wrong – I adore my son and love playing with him. But I can see how antsy he’s getting, and how ready he is for the return of structured “work”, and time with friends his age. He’s been spending lots of time this summer with his best friend, Lily – but he’s turned into such a social creature, can’t get enough of her!

I framed this cute picture of the two of them. Calvin put it on his dresser. Last night, he brought it to bed with him. Puppy love! I can see why – she’s a knockout! AND – she can give him a run for his money in the fiestiness department! We’re heading out to meet her again today – last week at the wading pools, gotta make the most of it. (And I can as always use some girl-chat time with her mom, who’s become my life-saving confidante!)

Back to school time will help me too – get a little more one-on-one time with baby Clara. She’s so precious, and I’m afraid I’m not oohing and aahing enough over her, because I’m so busy entertaining big brother. She’ll be walking any day now, and I want to savor her babyness while it lasts.

As I look at this entry, I’m having one thought: Pat’s gonna croak when he returns from his fishing trip and sees that I’ve turned his very “newsy” blog into a kids-zone! I’m sure some day if and when he and Sally plunge into parenthood, he’ll understand how consuming it is, and how much of your brainpower gets put toward figuring out how the heck to be a good parent!

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    I am a mom too and while I love the news (that’s why I come to this site) I really enjoy a good dose of something good too. News can be so awful most of the times. But children in all their awe, wonder, innocence and naughtiness are a fresh breath. Thank you so very much for bringing a smile to my day while I am at work away from my little one. I am sure you are a great Mom and your children are very lucky to have you. I hope you will still from time to time add some items to the blog. Everyone needs a smile sometimes.

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