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Fun at the Fair

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John McCain made his 2006 State Fair debut. Corn dogs. He said he has to have corn dogs. I never witnessed him eating them. “It’s better than nothing.” That was his response to whether he liked the Iowa 1st, New Hampshire 2nd in the prez process.

Better than nothing? He said the process is good because it makes politicians talk with everyday people and understand what’s important to them. I was a little confused. So I asked a followup. “Better than nothing, you said Senator. Does that mean there’s something better?” He said he meant the process is good.

Someone asked him whether Arizona (his home state) had a state fair. McCain said, yes. But it doesn’t have as many animals. Asked the obvious, let’s-see-if-I-can-get-the-Senator-to-screw-up-question…”Which fair is better?” He then acted like he was choking and couldn’t spit out the words, before he said, “they each have their own attributes.” Nicely done, Senator.
(BTW, he may want to tell his female staffers the next time they come with him to the fair not to wear those open-toe shoes when they’re traipsing about the cattle pavilion. Watch your step!

Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats both stopped by our Cast Your Kernel 2006 booth to vote for governor. We also ran into Jeff Lamberti. I didn’t run into any dems today. Maybe tomorrow.

We’ll do the presidentials Wednesday (10 dems, 10 repubs). Stop on by. We’ll be across from the Midway.