235 and Toothpaste troubles, Elvis has left the building

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Good morning! It’s Trisha in charge of blogging one last day until Pat returns!

Thanks for tolerating – and in some cases encouraging! – my humble efforts this week! I was glad to hear from some other parents out there that you appreciate the mom-stories I’ve shared. I’ll try not to over-do it – I know some people roll their eyes when people go on and on about their kids! But most things I do outside of work involve them, so it becomes hard to talk about things without them!

235 Troubles – SOLVED!

Expect a much smoother commute tomorrow morning if you come in from the west. The city Traffic Engineers noticed a timing problem this morning on the MLK eastbound exit – the green was way too short, and may have caused the huge backups this week. The main traffic engineer Mike Ring (who sings with me in the DM Choral Society by the way!) tells me they fixed it as of about 8 this morning. Keep your fingers crossed that the change will help tomorrow morning!

Tripguide may help you out – once you’re on the site, click on the tiny camera icons to look at traffic from that spot. We use these DOT cameras to check traffic on the air every morning, but anyone can look at them. Cool resource for commuters!

Rent-a-car, get toothpaste!

Here’s creative marketing – now that air travelers can’t bring stuff like toothpaste in their carryons – Procter & Gamble is putting care packs with toothpaste and mouthwash into Avis rental cars for business travelers coping with bad breath!

I’ve been wondering too, if more of you regular business travelers who normally just carry on little overnight bags, are checking bags instead so you don’t have to ditch all their liquids. I can’t imagine traveling without makeup, hairspray, toothpaste, or lotion!

Super-nasty toothpaste

While we’re talking toothpaste – don’t make the mistake I did last night. I accidentally used my son’s Superman Bubblegum-flavored toothpaste. Grosser than gross – I nearly gagged, which he thought was HILARIOUS!

It reminded me of one of my late Grandpa Sterling’s favorite stories. He once used a tube of ZIT CREAM to brush his teeth accidentally. As he said with a trademark gleam in his Irish eyes, “Ever since then, I never got pimples on my teeth.” He’s been gone just since December. I sure miss his stories. (As a retired Chicago fire chief, he had lots of good ones, as you could imagine!)

Weather changes coming

Jeriann says expect warmer, stickier, then rainy. DARN!

Yesterday the sky was so blue, and the trees so green out at Ashby park, I had to snap this picture with my phone. The color doesn’t read as gorgeous as it was in person, unfortunately. I adore crisp, sunny mornings – bring on September and October!

Elvis has left….

It’s August 16th, an unofficial day of national mourning for the King. It’s the anniversary of his (supposed) death. I still hold onto a tiny hope that Elvis faked his death, and will choose ME as the reporter to speak with exclusively when he re-appears publicly for the first time! Elvis, if you get this message – call me!

For anyone who wonders, I wouldn’t call my Elvis-thing an obsession, just more of a morbid fascination – with his music, his influence, his charisma, his unequaled fame, his dark side, and his ultimate demise. And yes, and I think he’s dreamy, too. Ian (hubby) says I act like a little schoolgirl when anyone even mentions Elvis. He promised me before we got married, that on our 10th anniversary we could renew our vows before an Elvis impersonater in Las Vegas. 4 and a half years left to go – I can’t wait!

I’m so happy Pat is coming back from his fishing trip tomorrow! I’ve had lots of news to read all by myself on the morning show, and am ready to share the duties once again! I’ll try to contribute to the blog from time to time, now that I see it’s not really that hard. Thanks for reading!


  • Anonymous

    Trisha…please keep blogging…your wit is truely appreciated! Would like to see you as a regular on here!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Mark Ferree and who is the new guy? And what about the sports guys – only Keith and Andy now? I wish there was a page saying goodbye to the old and introducing the new!!

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Answers to a few of these questions – Jeriann says NO! She and Brad are not dating – they do like to pick on each other, and you’re probably picking up on their mischievousness!Mark Ferree left the station last month – I hear he’s working in sales for a Cadillac dealership now. the new weather guy is Justin Sacher – you can see his bio under the “as seen on” area of this website, look for “Meet the Team.” He comes here from Peoria, Illinois, and I actually worked briefly with him in Champaign at WCIA. He seems to be fitting in well.Mark Meisenheimer left the station (I think in May) to take a public relations job in Kansas City. Keith and Andy showed some funny old footage of Mark on his last day! The two of them have been holding down the sports fort alone, but I hear they’ll be replacing Mark soon, and getting some much-needed help covering sports!

  • Anonymous

    Trisha, I love hearing all your mom stories, me being a mom of two also. And I am a big Elvis fan, too. I just wanted to let you know how great I think that you are in the morning. I am really not a morning person, but as you know being a mom, it kind of forces you to become one. Anyway, I always watch 13 in the morning getting ready for work, and I really appreciate your morning demeanor–never too perky, you strike a great balance and just get it right for delivering news in the morning which I am sure can be tough, given the hour that you have to wake up. You’re doing a great job. P.S. My husband and I took our kids to the fair on Friday (ages 3 and 6) and we didn’t stay as long as we thought we would either. We had great intentions, but with the kids getting tired and the heat, we had to leave early. I loved your story with your son at the Fair and his tantrum on the Merry Go Round, my son had a similar reaction at Little Hands on the Farm.

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