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1st Day of School, Drake’s Big announcement and Read for the Record

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Good Morning.

Des Moines has it’s first day of school this morning and there’s good news for the district. It’s growing for the first time in a long time. So is this the beginning of the end of the exodus to the suburbs?

A group called “Read for the Record” is going to try to set a world record for the number of people reading to kids at one time. The Little Engine the Could is the very appropriate material for the collective read.

The City of Des Moines and Drake University are expected to announce they’ve been chosen as host the NCAA Track and Field Championships. The event would be here some time between ’08-2010. This would be a big feather in Drake and Des Moines’ collective cap. Don’t be surprised if we get the event, do a great job hosting this event, then go after the Olympic Trials Summer of 08.

If you missed the story about the “Biggest Little Fan” of the Iowa cubs…you’ve got to see it. This little girl is going to be a dream date for some guy when she gets to High School. I can see the conversation now:
Boy:Where do you want to go for our date Friday night?
Addison: Let’s go to the I-Cubs game!
Boy: Well If that’s what YOU want to do.
By the way this is the last regular season weekend for the I-Cubs.
Pluto could get a downgrade today. They’re going to vote on the planet’s status. Apparently it’s too small to be counted as a real planet. I remember the mnemonic device I used to learn the names of the planets:
Mary’s Violet Eyes Make John Stay Up Nights Proposing.
So what are we going to do now? No proposal for Mary? Everyone had a different way of remembering…What was yours? Here’s some other interesting mnemonic devices.
I’ve got to go take a nap. I’ll be filling in for Sonya this Noon hour. She’s got some great stories coming up but they take a lot of extra time to produce.
I’ve only had little cat naps this week because there’s a lot to do around town. My wife’s family is headed to town this weekend so I spent a lot of time making the yard look nice a a very limited time catching up on sleep.
Trisha’s 2 cents’ worth!
Good morning! I’ll chime in on a few things today! First – leave Pluto alone! I heard a radio interview of an astronomer making a great point. What we CALL these items, planets or otherwise, doesn’t change the way scientists study them. It’s all semantics. So what if Pluto doesn’t meet the scientific criteria of the other planets? We common folks can still call it a “planet” without messing up science. It seems like much ado about nothing!
Let’s Play!!!
How cool is this?! Of course I’m fired up because this brand new playground is in my neighborhood. It’s part of the new renovations at Perkins Elementary in DM’s Beaverdale/Waveland neighborhood.
I took my little ones to check it out last night, and we found a bazillion kids doing the same, since the school was holding an open house. It’s so cool to see how they can make things so much fun for kids so much SAFER than when we were little! My husband Ian and I traded horror stories about playground injuries from our childhoods – swingsets and junglegyms over concrete, slides with METAL PLATES AND SCREWS that always seemed to come loose, etc. Under this new playground, they have one of those rubbery mat surfaces.
I watched a kid launch off a spinning merry-go-round thing, and just bounce right off the ground. Not a scratch. Some would argue the safer stuff isn’t as fun. I’m okay with it if it keeps the kids out of the ER. What’s your opinion?
Where’s Jeriann – and who’s Justin?
The newest member of our weather team, Justin Sacher, filled in this morning for Jeriann, and did a great job on short notice handling his first morning show here!
He most recently worked in Peoria, and I actually worked with him years ago in Champaign! Check out his bio on our website – and help us welcome him to the team!
For the record, the studio technician you see in the foreground is the much-adored Mike Zavacki, who wants everyone to know his hands are IN HIS SWEATSHIRT POCKETS in this photo! (Don’t worry, Mike, I wouldn’t have posted this pic if I thought it looked, well… wrong.) I actually owe Zavacki a favor for toning down his “5 MINUTES!!!!” warning before the show today. He’s become fond of POUNDING on the dressing room door when Jeriann and I take too long fixing our hair and makeup. Yesterday she nearly poked her eye out with her eyeliner! The warning today was much lower on the Richter scale. BTW, isn’t Zavacki a great name? My maiden name was “Whitkanack”, so I can relate!
As for Jeriann – well, she ate some mysterious veggies off a tray at work the other day that I’m pretty sure had been sitting out all night. I’m not sure if that’s why she’s out today… or if a bug got her.. but my money’s on the funky food!
Camera phones are dangerous!!!
This shot will get me in trouble, but I thought you bloggers should see our dedicated producer, Jodi, hard at work! She slaves away ALL NIGHT to get our morning newscast put together. Notice that she’s wearing a fleece sweatshirt – it’s always freezing in the newsroom for some reason. Wish I could throw on a sweatshirt and hat to come to work!
I’m praying for an easy back-to-school day – I’m dropping my little guy at preschool at noon. My biggest hope – no tears, no getting in trouble, and no wet pants at the end of the day! (I’ll settle for two out of three if I have to.)
Have a great morning!

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    For those of you who don’t know Jodi the producer, she is the NICEST person you will ever meet who works the grave yard shift! She always smiles and is always unusually upbeat after working all night! Must be the caffeine or something.

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