Murder investigation, Croc hunter dies, and Laboring on Labor Day

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Good Morning and a Happy Labor Day!

In Des Moines over the weekend, a couple walking in Woodland cemetery found a body. Police now say the man they found was murdered. They’re giving a good description of the victim but they still haven’t released a name, motive or suspect. Interesting side note to this story…
Police used a technique called super-gluing the body. They use a chemical a lot like super glue…When the vapors from that chemical are released over the body, the bind to the chemicals a finger print leaves behind. Police can then lift the finger prints off the body if there are any on the body.

The other news a lot of you will be greeted with this morning…Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin died in a diving accident off Australia’s northeast coast. Irwin, made famous by those Discovery Channel shows, was filming a documentary off the Great Barrier Reef. Apparently a giant stingray stung Irwin, and the stinger went right into his heart.

In Washinton and other cities across the country they’re going to have marches/rallies to focus the immigration debate. Congress heads back to Washington after it’s summer break and the idea behind the rallies is to get people talking about immigration again.

Labor Day means no services for City, State and Federal government…It also means the annual Labor Day Parade starts at 11am.

Trisha left us an interesting interview this morning. You don’t hear a lot about moms on Labor day…But they sure do labor. American Baby magazine did a survey of moms and how they view their job as CEO of the family.

Speaking of Labor Day weekend, Sal and I had a great time down in Kansas City. I learned a few things that could be useful to you next time you decide to take a trip.
First, if you are looking for a hotel room in KC, sometimes it’s best to look at local Convention and visitors type sites.
I couldn’t find a hotel room on ay of the usually online travel sites. I goggle searched “The Plaza” in KC. The plaza’s website gave me a list of hotels I couldn’t find otherwise. I got a great deal at the Hotel Intercontinental. We had a really nice stay.

I told you Friday, we went to the White Sox/Royals Game. I’ll post a picture or two later this morning but the tickets were great!. When I went to the Royals website and tried to find tickets, they didn’t have any. I tried a couple other sites where the prices were outrageous. Then I found this one. was awesome. We had seats that were all of 15-20 rows up off the dugout. They tacked on a nominal service fee. The most expensive part was having there tickets FedEx’d to us. Good experience all around.

We were also reminded that the shopping in KC isn’t that much better than Des Moines anymore. We haven’t stayed the night in KC since Jordan Creek went in. It made us realize how much Des Moines has changed, grown and improved in the last seven and a half years.

I am still on the overnight shift. One more day without Trish then, mercifully, she’s back. I hope she is reading this while enjoying a crisp Northwoods Labor Day. I hope you are enjoying one more day of a long weekend.


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