War on terrorism in focus, NASA launch, NFL debut, and Eat your Veggies!

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Good morning,

Overnight we heard about a bombing in Kabul Afghanistan. The bomber targeted an American convoy and killed at least two US soldiers.

The Senate Intelligence Committee releases it’s assessment of pre-war intelligence used before we went into Iraq. Expect a lot more detail on what you’ve already heard: We overestimated the threat posed by Iraq.

NASA decided to go ahead with a launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis despite concerns over a faulty fuel pump. The launch is 10:40 am Iowa time…Look for a link to the live streaming from MSNBC on WHO-TV.COM.

The Healing Fields of Central Iowa opens up today. It will be one was Central Iowans will recognize the fifth anniversary of the attacks on America September 11th 2001. It’s the start of what I am sure will be an emotional weekend around the country. I can’t believe it’s been five years. I hardly remember what life was like pre-9/11.

A new study shows a Federal program pushing veggies on kids in Iowa schools isn’t effective. The study says kids actually ate fewer veggies even when stuff like carrots and celery were offered in school for free as snacks.
I might be totally wrong here, but aren’t Mom and Dad responsible for helping kids make healthy choices… Not the Federal Government? If mom sends a HO-Ho with Johnny to school, and Mrs. McGillicutty is offering a carrot stick, what do you think the kids is going to prefer. Moreover if Dad is stuffing pork rinds down his throat while watching football on Sunday, does it matter what kind of example the school sets?
I’m not a parent, but this one, while well intended, may not be money well spent. That said we were surprised by the results of the survey because Sen Tom Harkin’s office keeps telling us what a success it is. Sen Harkin is the major sponsor of this program in congress and has touted it’s success. We’ve even done stories about the successes in Des Moines schools. What do you think?

I’m sure a lot of you watched the NFL’s debut on NBC last night. As we’ve come to expect, NBC sports always gives us a well produced product. What more can you say about the broadcasting team of Al Michaels, John Madden and Bob Costas? They are simply the best at what they do.

Did anyone else think Rich Isen was trying to sound like Michael Buffer in the pre-game? I like his delivery usually. It just sounded like he was trying too hard. LLLLLLLLETS GET READY FOR FOOTBALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

I know I’m going to sound like my grandfather here, but do we need the concert from ShakiraJZ and the Boys with special guest Paul McJoel and Rascal Domino? I liked that better when they called it MTV. We’ve got three of the best football announcers of all time. Let them talk for a half hour about the season! (The one exception I’ll make on the music was the Anthem. It was perfect. Martina McBride nailed it)
That said…No matter what they do , I’m in. I’m glad football’s back on the Ol’ Six Feathers Network.

The weekend will bring welcome rest. I hope you get some too.

It’s Trisha now! Just a couple of thoughts to add…
What’s up with kids not eating fruits and veggies?! I’m discouraged by that study… seems like if you put it right in front of them, they SHOULD eat the healthy stuff more, no?

I stopped by the re-dedication of Perkins Academy (newly renovated) last evening with my kids. (even though they’re too young to go there, we play at the park all the time!) The station covered the ceremony for the 5pm news.
Here’s our photojournalist Adam Drewry – a behind the scenes shot for you!

My kids were pretty fascinated by the ribbon cutting – I think Cal was hoping he’d get a pair of scissors too (not a chance!)
ANYWAY – it was really nice to see everyone so excited about the renovations to the school. I love seeing what great modern touches can be added to old buildings! I hear South Union had a similar celebration.

How about Elizabeth Klinge!
Our lovely early morning reporter made her anchor desk debut yesterday at noon! She says she was nervous at first, then it got easier as she got into the show. Read more about her background here… photographer Roger Riley got us this candid shot of her getting ready for one of her live shots. Hate to tell you this, but yes, Liz really is that pretty, smart, and nice in person!

Gotta run today – our dog Charlie Parker has a vet appointment, then tomorrow is a MASSIVE grooming make-over! He’s getting ready to compete in the DM Dog Shows at the fairgrounds this weekend! Charlie is just one of 2,000 dogs competing. I really know NOTHING about the dog show world – the breeder we got him from is amazing and does all the competetive stuff with him, It’s really fun to watch what a huge SCENE it all is ! Good luck to all the other dog families who’ll be there!

By the way – we’re planning lots of special coverage Monday on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. As hard as it is to relive some of those moments, we hope you’ll watch, and be able to walk away with a hopeful message.
Take care!

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