Overnight Attack, Election Day, and Too Sick for School?

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Good morning,

Overnight four armed gunmen, described as Muslim Militants, attacked the US Embassy in Syria. The attacks made a lot of noise and caused a lot of confusion but in the end no Americans were killed and all of the attackers were dead.

The President spoke last night. This may be the first thing a lot of you talk about at the office this morning. Here’s a couple of reviews of the speech. I guess some of the “experts” billed this one as a non-political speech. Not sure how that works.
The President, in the Oval office, six weeks before the mid-term elections. I think that’s the definition of a political speech no matter who’s in office or what he/she says.

School board elections are today. Get out and vote. These are the Boards that spend a lot of your tax money, yet every year voters don’t show up at the polls. If you want to see change in your schools, here’s the way to make sure it happens.

We’ve been talking about this case with the “caged” daycare kids over in Council Bluffs for a couple of days now. The police now describe the “cages” as stackable cribs. Trisha was curious so she went online to try and find some pics. Here they are.

It’s Trisha now- I was more than curious… I was creeped out! I’d never heard of these before, but I did some checking and found out while it doesn’t appear they’re illegal in Iowa, the Department of Human Services DISCOURAGES them for health reasons. (Basically, kids in the upper bunks can pass along gross bodily fluids to the babies beneath them)
My real questions are… are the kids really just being put in these to sleep, or to keep them out of the way? Are there enough people there taking care of them? (also very highly regulated under state law) They’re billed as space savers, but they do look an awful lot like cages in a pet store. Have any of you seen these in use anywhere? Weird.

We also started a series of reports this week on your kids’ health. This morning we tackled how sick is too sick to stay home. Tomorrow we’re looking at what to do when your kids get sick at school.

Again, Trisha’s 2 cents’ worth – it’s not that easy to tell what’s too sick! Especially with your first child. I once sent Calvin to day care as a toddler – he had a runny nose and a mild temp – I thought it was just because he was teething. His fever spiked to 104 later in the day! It turned out to be the flu! Afterwards I felt awful for not figuring this out myself earlier – but I really think he took a turn for the worse after I dropped him off.
I can only imagine these decisions will get more complicated when he’s old enough to “fake sick” or exaggerate to try to get out of going to school! Luckily for now, he likes to go to preschool, and isn’t sophisticated enough to try that kind of deception!

Finally : You have 106 days to complete your Christmas shopping. Don’t get me started. I am personally offended by the 90 day ramp up to Christmas.
I know this is big business for retailers, but it’s September! Can’t we all just have a little Halloween before you start throwing candy canes at me? That said, Sally and I have our first few Christmas gifts in the bag. It’s not that bad of an idea to pick a few of these things up early so you can spread out those huge post holiday bills.

Have a good day. PWD

Trisha’s thoughts:
on schedules and such…
I read Erin Kiernan’s blog and told her I’m stealing her idea of giving you readers a little timeline of how things go on OUR end of the news shift! I think that’s one of the most common questions I hear – how early do you guys have to get there? So here’s the scoop:

10pm AM Producer Jodi King shows up to work, watches 10pm news, and starts choosing and writing stories for the morning newscast.

1am Assistant producer arrives to help write stories and handle any breaking news.

2:30-3am Jeriann arrives to start putting together forecast

3-3:30 Anchors (Pat and I) arrive to start reading over and writing stories

4:15 Pat or I record radio newscasts (through a mic in the weather center!)

4:30 Jodi starts printing scripts, we add finishing touches

4:40 Makeup/coffee and water refills!

5-7am on the air!

7am Post-show meeting talk about material for next day with Jodi before she leaves

7-9am Jeriann and I do traffic/news updates every half hour, and tape “News at Your Desk”

9:15 News planning meeting – Pat and I often pop in to add ideas the day crew may want to consider covering

9am-?? I work on gathering/writing material for upcoming shows and setting up interviewees. Pat gathers reports for evening newscasts some days, and goes home earlier on other days to make up for the long hours! Elizabeth (the am reporter) starts gathering material for her live shot the next day.

But it doesn’t end there…

We all have lives outside of TV too, and having the afternoons and evenings free can be really nice!

I can’t speak for Pat and Jeriann, but the rest of may day usually goes a lot like some of my friends who stay home with their kids:

Quick lunch with family before taking Calvin to preschool

Catch an hour nap with the baby

Playtime/house cleaning or errands until I pick up Cal at 3pm

More entertaining kids, sometimes at a friend’s house or at a playground/mall/library instead of staying at home (Daddy’s at work in the afternoons and most evenings so I’m on my own)

Continue to work by taking calls on my cell phone throughout the day to set up interviews and stories! (if I’m not changing a diaper or up to my elbows in bathwater!)

***Yesterday I took several calls while out walking with the kids! I’m so glad I can multi-task – I like moments that prove you can be good mom and effective employee at the same time!

Fix dinner, clean up the mess (often huge!)

Try to fit in a walk around the neighborhood

Get kids bathed, stories read, and into bed

Pick up toys and wreckage of the day, catch up quickly with Ian when he gets home if it’s an “early night” for him (Home at 8:20)

Crash by 9pm!… Then the alarm rings at 2:25am and it all starts again.

I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as getting enough sleep with this schedule, and maintaining a social life and “couples time” is a big challenge that takes serious planning! It takes a little stamina, but “for every act there’s inspiration,” and I have plenty of reasons that have inspired me to set up a schedule that lets me spend this much time with my kids while they’re little!

Hope you enjoyed the slice of life – if any of you working moms have survival tips I’d love to hear them!!



  • Stout Family

    Dear trisha-about the stackable cribs/ cages…I think they were used as spacesavers back in the day…a church I know had then untila few years ago, but they didn’t use them. I understand the terribleness of using them as “cages” and “babysitters,” but if they were used just for naps…hmmmm?????? I have 2 little girls and wouldn’t want them in them, but did the parents of these kids know that their daycare provider was using them…hmmm???? Just wondering!Love your blogs!P.S. forgive the typos- it’s getting late! :)

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