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Shuttle Landing, Less then $2, and Sticks and Stones

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Good Morning,

Glad to see the space shuttle Atlantis back on home soil safely this morning. Call me a geek(and some of you do), but I still think it’s so cool to watch this thing land. It’s basically a brick with wings and they manage to bring it in right on the mark. It’s an amazing feat of engineering and imagination.

On the southside of Des Moines last night an inmate apparently jumped out of a Polk County sheriff’s van as he was being transported from a jail in Missouri to the Polk County Jail. The sheriff’s Department told us this morning that this isn’t a big deal. They don’t believe the inmate, thirty three year-old Chad Hale is armed or dangerous. He was wearing handcuffs and an orange jump suit. I’m not sure this guy is going to get too far. It’s a reminder of the hoops the Polk County sheriff’s Department has to jump through to get an inmate here. Our jail is so overcrowded that they use two jails in Missouri to hold prisoners. They have to spend millions of dollars a year to transport and house those inmates. The new Jail is being built just northeast of the east Mixmaster…

Gas prices are down to less than $2 a gallon in the Metro area. We’d already seen these prices in other parts of Iowa but now in the Des Moines Metro. Experts say the price could be going down another .25 cents a gallon. Then there are the people who warn prices could be going back up again. Confused? Just be glad we’re going to right way.

A great honor for an Iowan today when Drake football player Stacey Walker is honored as the Boys and Girl Club Youth of the year. He was chosen from four other finalists. As part of the honor he’ll be making an appearance on the Today show this morning and He gets to meet the President tomorrow.

We got a call just before seven this morning saying Ed McMahon wasn’t going to make it to Corning Iowa today for the dedication of Johnny Carson’s boyhood home. The folks running the event tell us they will advertise the re-scheduled date. We’ll put it all over the web and on-air when we get the details. They’re asking you not to call, so we won’t give you the number like we said we would.

Funny news about the boss this morning. A new study says a vast majority of bosses thing they are doing a great job. Problem is, the folks in the trenches don’t agree. The other part of this study showed only a quarter of all bosses get reviewed by their employees. So how would they know if they’re doing a good job?

I’m sure Trish has more to say about the “clean your plate” study and a few other things. We were glad to have her back this morning. She’s officially off Jury Duty.
It’s Trisha – it’s good to be back! The courthouse wasn’t nearly as stuffy yesterday, and they decided a bit earlier in the day that they didn’t need me to stick around, so it wasn’t too bad!
The “clean your plate” study found basically that parents shouldn’t push their kids to finish their food if they’re not hungry. That being said, I sometimes have to cajole my son into eating his lunch or dinner, since he’d much rather keep playing – but I know he’ll turn into a falling-apart crabby mess if he goes too long without a meal! I also make him eat a substantial amount of healthy food before he’s allowed to have any kind of treat. But I don’t force him to “clean his plate” – I trust him to know when he’s had enough. Clara (almost 1 year old) has the opposite problem – she would eat and eat into eternity if we never cut her off! The girl LOVES her food.

She took her very first tentative steps yesterday – maybe she’ll start walking off all those calories soon! We caught some of it on video – priceless!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the blog yesterday. I mean it. Even the guy who told me I have a “fat head”.
Really I hadn’t noticed. You think that’s the first time someone’s commented on the size of my Mellon. I come by it honestly…My Grandfather was in TV too …

I go on a golf trip with some buddies every year ands it’s a standing joke no one can borrow my hats. One of the guys does a great Mike Myers impression of the scene from So I married an Axe Murderer. You know the one:
Head! Paper! Now!
Move that melon of yourself you can.
Hauling that gargantuan cranium about.
No kidding. His head’s like Sputnik.
Spherical, but pointy in parts.
That was offside, wasn’t it?
He’ll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huuuuuge pillow.
Funny stuff. Anyway…It’s not the first time.
Also, note to that very brave…anonymous blogger: My last name is DIX…Consider that next time you spend the effort to try to come up with a sharp insult…I’ve heard worse…Maybe just responding to the actual content of the blog would be easier.
Have a good day…I’m going to do some neck exercises so I can keep my head upright.
It’s Trisha again! Nice comeback, Pat!!! You have a much better sense of humor than I would about such rude and insulting (and childish) insults! I’m so glad you have thick skin!
Most of you blog-readers have been so nice with your feedback – even when we’ve asked you to be brutally honest about what you see on our air and read on the blog.
Here are my thoughts about mean comments:
—We ALWAYS welcome honest criticism about the content of our news.
—We NEVER appreciate mean-spirited insults about our appearance or personal lives.
I realize we have a job where appearance matters – but we’re not models. Physical appearance, while relevant in TV, is not the most important part of our job!
I’ve heard my share of mean comments over the years in front of a camera too – a couple of my favorites :
– My hair looked like the “Liberty Bell” (it was a little longer and flipped at the ends)
– A woman TO MY FACE said: “Oh – I thought you were a big fat girl! You’re really much smaller in person.”
-My hair is too thick and my hairstyle unflattering.
Someone wrote that comment in a letter to me when I was 9 months’ pregnant. I guess I had the nerve to be a little more concerned about finding any clothing that still fit, and trying to grow a healthy baby ..rather than finding the perfect hairstyle.
So – my deepest apologies to all the people I’ve offended with my imperfect appearance! If you don’t always like what you see, I don’t blame you!!! But I do ask that before you fire off a nasty note, you ask yourself, “Would I say this to the person’s face?” and.. “How would I feel if someone said that to me?”
Before I go – here’s something that may make some of you smile. My son Calvin has been insisting for the past week that he needs to have an “eye toy” (a fake slimy eyeball). We broke down yesterday and found a whole BAG FULL OF EYEBALLS at the store. He really wanted his picture taken showing off his gooey eye – so here it is. Ian says whenever we move out of our house, we’ll probably find dust-covered eyeballs in all kinds of nooks and crannies!
Now that the photo feature is up and running again, I’ll add in a few photos from Tuesday’s blog entry of my misadventures in Chicago, for any of you who are REALLY curious about the dumb stuff we do in our time off!
I’m off again tomorrow – heading to Champaign-Urbana to see friends! Illinois vs Iowa game Saturday should be interesting…!
See you back on the air Monday!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for keeping the blog coming guys. Those of us who know how to responsibly use the internet enjoy reading your informative and good natured thoughts. Keep up the GOOD work!

  • Anonymous

    Trisha, your kids sounds like my neice and nephew! Getting my nephew to eat can be a major ordeal. My neice, on the other hand, eats everything and will try anything! She even tried sauerkraut! Keep up the good work both on and off air! I recently bought a house and can’t afford to go OUT to lunch anymore. :) You guys are keeping me entertained at my desk!

  • Casey

    Trish,You hit the spot when you said we’re not models. I guess if we had body’s like models we would be in that field making a lot more money then we do in TV! Great job on keeping up the good attitude as well Pat. Great job you too!-Casey

  • Anonymous

    Patrick.Let me just say…..Very Clever and Hilarious come back! What’s the saying!?!? MESS WITH THE BULL AND YOU GET THE HORNS. We Love ya and that’s whut matters! LOL (had to throw a little something extra in there) :) You and Trisha and Jeriann, everyone are the reason I watch. Thank You for the consistant and accruate news that you work so hard to bring us!!!! -Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Everyone at Channel 13!!Trish and Pat I am an 11 year old boy from the Carroll area. I feel very lucky becaouse I live on teh last town in Carroll county and I know that your area that you have atops at teh end of Carroll County. I wake up at 4:25 in the morning and watch early today and tehn your newscast for and 1/2 hour and then go outside. My two dreams are meeting everyone at channel 13 and goin ot New York City to meet Matt Meredith Ann and Al. I want to be an meteoroligist when i grow up and my two role models are Jeriann and Ed Wilson. Every thinks I’m the weirdest kid to wake up at 4:25 to watch the news but i guess i get over it. It is acually getting late for me!!! I really want to meet you and jeriann and Pat and Brad!!!! If you e-mail me back it would make my day and/or my week!!! Well hope to meet you someday and I better get ot bed.-Spencer-

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