Lots of running around!

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I have a problem.
I have trouble saying a teeny, tiny word.
Since I don’t say it enough, I spend a lot of time running around like my hair is on fire. Today, I hit the wall. I really beat the snot out of the snooze button on my alarm clock this morning and ended up being late for my class at the Y. The whole day has been that way. Run, run, run. Late, late, late. I feel like I could sleep for weeks.
Maybe it’s because I’m getting old(er)?
My birthday is Friday.
I will be 33.
My husband LOVES my birthday. It means that for four months and a few days he gets to say that he is TWO YEARS younger than I am.
The thing is, I don’t really care. I have friends who’ve completely freaked out over certain birthdays, but I haven’t experienced that feeling . . . yet.
So – how much does age matter to you? Do you freely admit how old you are, or is it a closely guarded secret? Are there certain birthdays that have sent you “over the edge”, or maybe just ones that are memorable for one reason or another?
Right now, I’m thinking that age (or sleepiness) is definitely having an impact on my brain. There was somethng else I wanted to write about, but it escapes me. I’m sure I’ll think of it around 3am.
Happy posting!
PS . . . Thanks for the football comments, and thank goodness for significant others who are patient with fans like us!


  • Heather R.

    Happy Early Birthday Erin! The owner of Marick the company I work for’s, birthday is Friday too! Were so going to aluminum foil his office, its going to be GREAT! Yay! Anyways! Have a good birthday and don’t worry 33 isnt old at all!!! “Its not the age… Its the ‘tude (attitude!)…”

  • Anonymous

    Hey Erin..I’m a journalism major at ISU and I love reading your blog. As a full time college student with a job and numerous activities I understand what it is like to have a hectic schedule, plus keeping up with the important things like football on Saturday and Sunday. I’m only 20, so maybe keeping up with your busy schedule is keeping you young! Hang in there and keep up the good work at Channel 13. Happy birthday too!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it doesn’t help any that John has been out for at least a day?? You guys must get some pretty good vacation time! :) Whatever happened to the good old days, when the main anchor was gone, another person filled in? IE, Elizabeth filling in for Trisha when she was on jury duty last week. Seems like a lot to read with only one person!! But you are doing a terrific job, as always!

  • Casey

    Erin,HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Are you sure you are really 33? There is no possible way! But if so, happy birthday anyways! Great seeing a new blog, and waiting for the posting that was going to come to you at 3 in the morning! Have a good week!-Casey

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ERIN…. HAPPYYYYY BIRRRRRTHDAY TOOOOOO YOOOOUUUUUU!!!! that messes up your eyes!!!!! but I wanted to create the illusion as if someone were singing it. Thank goodness no one is huh?!? lol By the way I just turned 34 Sept 5 anyone younger than 34 is a baby to me. It’s all a state of mind. I’m here to tell ya though there’s mornings I wake up and hurt in places I never knew I had!!! Happy Birthday Erin!! :) -Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Erin from your “cousin-in-law” Jessi!!! Just wanted to wish you a very happy 33rd…mine is coming in Feb. Just found this site blog thing, and hope you actually read these….miss you

  • robert_nielsen

    Erin,33 isn’t so bad…trust me…I passed that 3 years ago! Now…<>36,<> on the other hand….that’s bad….which is what <>I’m<> staring at in a month & 13 days (Nov. 11).Anyway, happy birthday, and thanks for reading my previous post, and responding.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Erin. I’m just now getting around to reading your latest blog. I can hardly “wrap my head around” the fact that you are 33 years old. I clearly remember the day you were born. I woke up feeling a little funny in my tummy, but decided to just get on with my Saturday routine. By noon, I was definitely not feeling quite right, but Nebraska was playing Iowa State that day, and the game was on television, which meant NOTHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR THE NEXT 2 HOURS EXCEPT THE GAME! When the game ended, it seemed as if maybe we had something going on, so I called the hospital and we checked in. There were a few hours to wait, but by a little after 8:00, we had a tiny, but mighty baby girl. You were and still are the joy of our lives. Love you,Momp.s. You look really good… anytime!

  • Anonymous

    Im 33 and i feel old some mornings sucks getting old lol. Is there a chance i can get a autographed pic? Jason B

  • Anonymous

    My 40th birthday was the worst…. an overweight smoker …. I didn’t return to work for two weeks and even then I didn’t enjoy it for some time. I will celebrate my 72nd next month so we do survive?

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