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Search in Grinnell, Good News Overnight and Please Help Brad

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Good morning!!

First, the search continues for a 19 year-old Grinnell College student this morning. Paul Shuman-Moore told friends he was going back to his dorm early Monday morning but then he didn’t show up for class. The College is mobilizing groups to search. If you think you have information about Moore you can call: (641)236-2650. They’re also asking for volunteers to search. The next shift is at one this afternoon.

Some news we just received as we went off of the set. I was checking my fantasy football team and an alert came up. MSNBC is reporting Terrell Owens tried to commit suicide last night. We’ll likely get details on the through the day. Watch for updates.

Good news from the Des Moines Police Department overnight. They found a 76 year-old Alzheimer’s patient missing since yesterday. Bob Brown was wandering the neighborhood. He’s ok. He told his family he was thirsty and tired.

Overnight a fire in West Des Moines caused some damage. Everyone’s ok, but the homeowner told us a busted pipe caused an electrical short and then a fire.

The President is having dinner with Afghanistan’s president and Pakistan’s president tonight. You think this conversation is going to be awkward? Prvez Musharref is out withy a book basically saying he was bullied into being a partner in the war on terrorism. He said President bush gave him a choice: help or be bombed back into the stone age. Should be an interesting dinner.

Regardless of your politics…How great is Senator Grassley? He heard the EPA wanted new regulations regarding dust in the air and went through the roof. I hear his conference call was classic yesterday. He invited the Head of the EPA to his farm to see...It’s kind of hard for a farmer harvesting crops to control the amount of dust he/she’s putting into the air. No word from the EPA if the Exec is going to accept the invite.

Also – Brad Ehrlich is asking for your help. He’s seen a back-up on 235 at 22nd street a few mornings in recent weeks. The problem is, Brad can’t figure out why everyone’s slowing down. There’s no construction, no accident and that part of the freeway is finished. Write in and tell him what you think.


It’s Trisha now! I was fascinated by this story this morning:

Canadian scientists used laser technology to peel back layers, and reveal that the famous figure in the DaVinci painting was originally painted wearing a thin gauze dress, worn at the time by pregnant women or new mothers! Could that be why she has such a serene, yet slightly tired looking smile?? I looked up some images online, but without the laser help, it’s hard to see what the scientists are seeing.

I do think there’s no smile as sincere as the one you get when you think about your child.


Since so many of you were interested when I first mentioned this, here’s an updated shot of my brother Kevin’s ant farm! They burrowed all these tunnels in the gel. I’m not a big bug lover but I think it is pretty cool.

(By the way it’s my OTHER brother who just became a dad – I assume he’s too busy this week to be watching ants!)


I’m so glad my kids are a little too young to get crazed over popular toys! A Dora doll, the new TMX Elmo, and Nintendo’s Wii console made this year’s hot toys list.

There’s Elmo having his hysterical laughing fit on the floor.
Wonder what’s so darned hilarious??

I still have my kids’ 2 October birthdays to get through before I even THINK about Christmas! Clara turns 1 next week – hard to believe a whole year has gone by! Do you guys remember how huge I was a year ago right now?? I think next week on her birthday we’ll show a clip from when she was born.. and then a shot of her now. It’s absolutely staggering how much they grow and change in one short year!
Have a great Wednesday!
Jeriann’s turn now!

Good to be back in Iowa… I wish I had better weather to tell you about.
I was off the past couple of days to say a final farewell to my dad. We’re trying to get his picture up here on the blog – we showed it on the air this morning. His picture in combat gear looks kind of scary… but really he’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
My dad, Paul, is now in Iraq to train their army so our soldiers can come home. He’s part of the military transition team. For the past 28 years he’s been in the Army reserves and this is the first time he’s been called to duty for this long. He was set to retire in January. Maybe when he gets back home next year they’ll let him retire. He turns 56 in November. I think this is harder on my mom than my dad. Keep him and his fellow soldiers in your thoughts and prayers.



  • Heather R.

    I don’t know if it makes a difference, but the sun has been crazy the last few weeks. I noticed the other day when I was heading to work, people were slowing down because of the sun, at least I think it was! Who knows! Good luck trying to figure that one out! Have a great day!

  • Brad Ehrlich

    Brad Ehrlich here…So, of coiurse when I ask everyone to help out with the inconsistent slowdowns in WDM, nothing happens!Just my luck.Heather…. Great Thought! I know that sun especially smiles at west siders in the morning…I would just hate to say, “expect sun delays this morning.” People might just run me outta town. :)I’ll ask Jerianne about atmospheric conditions that may affect the intensity of the sun.Jerianne, fair warning, be prepared!Anyway, thanks again heather, and keep it between the lines

  • brad ehrlich

    Jeesh, I can’t edit my post!I meant… “course”Where the heck is the spellcheck button anyway…What a primitive program! ;)

  • Heather R.

    Good luck Jerianne! Keep us posted on what you find out Brad! I think people might also stop just to give you something to do! :) What fun is a traffic job if you dont have “traffic” to report? Jerianne, my thoughts and prayers are with your family. My cousin and uncle both just returned from Iraq. Keep us posted if you hear from him!Have a good evening Ladies and gents!Heather.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you and your family during this time Jeriann my prayers are with you, and will continue to be with you until his safe return. Please keep us updated.-Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah Thank You Trisha, (regarding yesterdays blog) I made it through.:) all is well, for now til next time and there will be a next time because it’s typical. expect the unexpected I guess. -Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Jeriann, we’re certainly thinking the best for your father and for your family!God Bless the men and women who are serving for all of us.

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