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Gov Debate, Email Scandal, Red Hot October

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Happy Monday everyone!
So you don’t get confused, it’s me, Trisha writing in red – Pat in black today. Got it?

Candidates Debate
Jim Nussle and Chet Culver have their first televised debate tonight. (7pm on Channel 5) I’m always very curious to see how well candidates do in an unscripted format – debates tell you much more than campaign ads!
These two can’t seem to say anything about themselves in their ads these days. This is the format insiders have been buzzing about. We may see the candidates strengths and weaknesses exposed.

Email Scandal
Congressman Mark Foley quit over a scandal involving sexually explicit emails and instant messages to teenaged boys who worked as congressional pages.
The FBI is investigating whether he broke any laws. I’m just stunned (as I often am) that someone in such a position of power would (allegedly) take such blatant risks.
We looked up the messages today before the newscast to see what all the fuss was about -These are the tame ones. Here are the ones that are CREEPtastic! I’ll just say they’re way more than suggestive, they’re explicit. So check it out only if you’re an adult and really really want to know (and you probably don’t) Ick. TS
Not much more to say here. Ick. Now word as we write this that Foley will enter rehab for Alcoholism.

Fight the Flu
Flu shot clinics start today in Polk County. Today’s is at the Park Fair mall 9-4. Check here for the rest of the schedule. The good news is ANYONE can get a shot this year – there’s a good supply so they don’t have to “ration” the shots to the highest-risk people.

What’s up with the weather?!
Jeriann says we could break a record today with a high near 90!
I’m definitely a fan of crisp cool fall days, and while the warmth yesterday was nice in a way, it was just weird. TS

Pat now: I was in Chicago this weekend and it was jeans and sweatshirts. All the way back I felt this compulsion to turn on the AC in the car. I found out why when we got out in Iowa.

NBC had the game of the week last night but it didn’t turn out to be much of a game. Chicago trounced the Seattle Seahawks. Good news for me as a Breas fan that they’re 4-0 now, but stop all the talk about the Superbowl! Growing up in Chicago you NEVER throw a goocher like that at a Chicago sports team. It’s a sure bet they’ll lose five games in a row. I don’t think that will actually happen here. DA BEARS look good.

Record Hunting
That’s six straight wins in PGA Tour events for Tiger Woods. Remember the record is eleven. Tiger says he’s going to take some time off. Who knows when he’ll come back to trounce the field in his next event.

I took my kids out to a pumpkin patch in Adel (it’s new this year – Knight and Sons landscaping – fun especially for really small kids!)… And people were wearing SHORTS! Calvin loved petting the goats and bunnies, the hayride, and choosing his own pumpkin. Clara picked out a tiny pumpkin gourd – just her size! We were the first visitors yesterday – 9am. It was part of my strategy to get OUT OF THE HOUSE and stay busy, since Ian was out of town working all weekend. I’m sure you parents know how kids can wear you out when you’re on your own with no backup help!

I can’t believe I’m admitting this – but looking up the TV schedule for tonight’s gubernatorial debate reminded me of an important event. The Bachelor:Rome starts tonight. The series is such complete and total garbage – I know, I know! – but for some reason I love watching these people make such a spectacle of themselves!
Over the years I’ve thrown lots of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” viewing parties, where we laugh ourselves silly over these pathetic men and women trying to find love on television. Now that I have the early morning hours, I’ll have to tape it and watch later. Hey – everyone needs a mindless diversion every now and then, right? How far did your opinion of me slide with this admission….? TS
All of us have our closet TV loves. Mine just cements my reputation as a total and absolute GEEK. I can’t get enough of Iron Chef America. I don’t throw parties but we hardly miss it.
I like Inside the Actors Studio too.
Have you seen the list of questions at the end of one of these interviews? What is your favorite word. What is your least favorite word? What is your favorite noise or sound? What is your favorite curse word? What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? What profession would you least like to attempt? And, if there is a heaven what would you like to hear St. Peter say at the Pearly Gates?

Happy Monday, everyone!
Trish and Pat


  • Heather R.

    Awww those were awesome pictures Trisha! With the whole Bachelor thing starting tonight, I’m going to be right there watching it to. I love that show. I can remember when it first came out… oh la la! You say your on morning hours, what time do you actually have to get up and get to work? I was thinking you gise got there at like 4:55am to go on at 5am :) Have a great day Trisha, & Pat.P.S. Jeriann, bring back the cooler temps! July in October, isnt cool!*heather*

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Pat – I love the Actors Studio too – I’d have to really think about answering Lipton’s questions though – you first!!Heather – Pat and I get in before 3:30am, believe it or not, which means the alarm usually goes off sometime between 2 and 2:30 (ouch.) We do a lot of writing, tweaking, researching, etc. the material before the show. We try not to complain though, because our producers come in at 10pm and 1am respectively to get it all together!To anonymous – about Brad – I’ll have to double-check with him, but as far as I know he’s dating someone right now. I try not to pry too much into people’s love lives unless they offer up the info!Got to get back to baking cupcakes for my daughter’s 1-yr b-day tomorrow – the benefit to early morning hours is I get afternoons to do stuff like that for the kids!Trish

  • Dianne W.

    I saw Brad at Starbar last week after work and he was with a really tall blonde lady. Could be his sister, could be a girlfriend.There’s my 2 centsLove watching all you in the morning, especially Jerianne!

  • wanting to say hi...

    Quick question…I saw Brad at the farmers market on Saturday morning, his hair was totally different than it is on TV. It was all messy!Anyway, I wanted to say hi to him. Do you guys think that is strange.Do you think “OMG what a freak” when it does happen?

  • Patrick Dix

    Ok I guess I should go first with the quiz…. Favorite word: focacha Least favorite word: earwig Favorite sound: dress shoes on pavement. Least favorite sound: nails on chalkboard Profession I’d like to try: Professional golfer/Politician Profession I’d least like to try: comercial fisherman Favorite curse word: lets keep it clean but I like the string of curse words the coach in Bull Durahm puts together when he yells at the team in the locker room. St Peter says: Your tee time is set…Your family is at the bar…. and while you’re here, you’ll always feel like your wife is right next to you.PWD

  • Trisha Shepherd

    OK, Pat, since you answered the questions I’ll do it too.Favorite word: GlistenLeast favorite: MaggotsFavorite sound: Water in a rocky mountain streamLeast favorite: NOOOOO!!!(in a bloodcurdling pitch from my son)Profession I’d like to try: Broadway actress/singerProfession I’d never want to try: Slaughterhouse workerFavorite curse word: I don’t want to shock anyone – but I agree with Pat that a long string of ugly words works best, especially when I’m trying to assemble something or get my computer up and running!What would St Peter say? – You were right – all the small stuff really didn’t matter!

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