Debate Take 2, N Korea Threats and Happy Birthday

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Good morning,

Every once in a while this job is good for something. This morning it’s the fact that I get to remind everyone it’s my wife’s birthday. None of you need to hear any of the details of why I think I’m the luckiest husband around. You do, however need to know that both Trish and I wouldn’t be able to spend the time or the odd hours at our job without the support of two great spouses. So on a day when I get an excuse, I’ll say… Happy Birthday Sal and I love you.

Ok on to the News:

The third congressional district debates wrapped up last night with a back and forth over on brand X. If you’re asking, when were the other debates? We talked about them a little, but very few people noticed. This is another race that is being debated with attack ads not actual differences of opinion. Here’s how the Register and other news outlets saw last night’s debate.

North Korea is threatening to set of a nuke this morning. The UN security council will meet about this today in emergency session. This is a hard story to cover because N Korea’s leadership is just crazy enough to do it. Yet, you have to pause and wonder whether this is just an attempt to get all of us to pay attention to them again.

If you’ve been watching the coverage of the school shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania you knew this one was coming. It’s the story where we go out to a school district and ask…”Could this happen here?”
Three school shootings in a week is enough to get a lot of people thinking about this and in the end I’m not sure we’ve come up with a better answer than: schools are doing the best they can. Should there be armed police officers at all Des Moines Schools? Would that matter if someone was motivated enough to try something like this?

Sen. Grassley made some news this morning. apparently the administrator of the EPA decided to take him up on his offer to visit the farm in Northern Iowa. The debate here is over new EPA rules that would limit the amount of dust created by any industry. Ever been out into a bean or corn field when they’re trying to harvest? The idea is that it’s supposed to be dry.
Dry=dust. I hope this EPA guy doesn’t wear his a suit to the Grassley farm.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average began the day at a record high today. Lower fuel prices are mostly to thank. Remember the days when things didn’t look so good for the Dow? Remember thee stories about how the economy was in the tank and the evidence was the Dow Average? Well, now the Dow is at a record. Good news for your 401k, generally good news for business. If stock prices go up companies might feel more flush, might invest more in expansion, hiring, research etc. So where’s the press? Does this mean we’re in good economic health. I’ll usually defend my journalism brethren when someone accuses the”liberal media” of being biased, but someone’s got to explain this one to me. The only stories we saw about the rebound of the stock market were after the record. If you take a look at some of these stories, they talk about the Dow like it’s no longer a reliable indicator of economic health. It’s reliable when it tanks. Why not now. Talk amongst yourselves.

As Cubs fans, this is the time of the year when Trish and I start focusing on the Bears. It should be noted that there is still baseball to be played and some of you might be interested.
The Cardinals, A’s and Yankees won.
(Trish here – Ugh. As a Cubs fan, I dread seasons when the Cards make the playoffs and the Cubs don’t – I have to listen to my Cards-fan husband obsess about his favorite team, and gloat when they win! Yesterday he had the game on DURING Clara’s 1st b-day party. But guess what she said when he flipped it on? “GO CUB!” Atta girl.)

valley Junction is looking for a younger, more hip crowd. The shopping district that was best known for it’s antiqueing when I moved here is trying to convince people you don’t actually have to be an antique to shop there. No offense to the mature set of our blogging audience, but it used to be a little stale down there. I will says this. If you are stumped about what you get your wife for her birthday…Guys, get down there. The shops down there are the kind of place you can find a unique gift and get the “holy grail” of comments when she opens her gift: “that’s so thoughtful“.

Finally, some thoughts from Brad. Not sure what we did to encourage the flood of comments yesterday, but here’s his response:

Good Morning!
Let me apologize, I only check out the blog once in awhile, it is Pat and Trisha’s baby.
I cannot tell you how humbled I feel by all your responses. They make me blush, which is kind of tough, considering my face already sports a red hue.
For inquiring minds, I never went to Southeast Polk High School, though if I was a current student, I’d be really proud of the team this year!
I do like to sing, though I’m usually a bit shy about it. I enjoy dancing, but as many people might attest to, it is a work in progress.
I also work with Habitat for Humanity for roughly 25 hours a week. It is a cause that I truly believe in and have dedicated to it a great portion of my free time. Incidentally, I’m up for the “Mr. Habitat for Humanity of Iowa” award. I’ve got some steep competition this year. I’m running against the Governor, Larry Morgan, Dolph Pulliam, Suku Radia, Doug Reichardt and Terry Rich – which basically means I’m hosed!
The tall blonde lady is someone very special to me and we’ll leave it at that.
Hopefully that answers all your questions.
Keep it between the lines and let’s keep this blog about the show.
Thanks Brad, and I couldn’t agree more. We don’t want to discourage blog responses, but Brad’s private life is just that…private. He’s a good sport and a great addition to our team. Keep the fun comments coming but…really? No one has anything to say about the news? Fire away!
Trish again – Jeesh! I agree, all the obsessing about Brad’s personal life seems a little much for this blog. I’d be way uncomfortable if people were “blogging” about my every move in public, and I can tell he feels the same way.
I’m still hoping some of you have comments to share on anything else – news stories, our newscasts, story ideas – or even the parenting issues I bring up from time to time!
Happy Wednesday!


  • Deb

    I just want to say what class Patrick has for opening the blog today with a big I Love You and Happy B-Day to his wife. This just cements in my mind the reason I watch Pat and Trisha every morning. These two are fabulous and I love seeing them on at 5:00 when I get up and get on my cross trainer! I know you want this to be about the news but I just had to say Patrick is the best! Oh, and GO BEARS!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Deb. We should all be so lucky to have someone like Pat in our lives. Everyone likes to be put on a pedestal by their loved one, oncein a while. You and your wife sound like the couple that other couples envy. Way to go! Share your marriage tips with the rest of us! You too Trish…I’d love to hear what keeps you so happily married.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that we need to leave Brad’s personal life alone, but I also have to admit that the blog was much more interesting yesterday! Not only that, but everyone else talks about his or her personal life on this blog, so why can’t Brad? Many of us are interested in that kind of thing.

  • Jacob

    We want to know about you guys, not the news. Without the personal elements, the blog is just a repeat of the newscast. You’ve already told me the news, why would I want to read it again. Plus, if you told me about a story I want to know more about, why would I come here! Do you believe we, as viewers, aren’t smart enough to find the article or articles. I’m an intelligent person… I can wield the almighty power of Google. I can also find even better resources about the stories than you can. Do you think we all run to the blog right after the newscast- before we go to work? No of course not. We’re getting ready and/or leaving for work.By the time I read your blogged stories, unless it is a scientific study or some kind of academic report, your stuff is dated… old. Why would I want to read some stagnant article when there’s new information out there? I will agree with you that Brad got an undue bums rush, but why doesn’t he share more. It was interesting to hear that he’s competing for the habitat award. It puts him in a different perspective. What about Jerianne? Even Pat, for the first time today, showed his human side. It shows he’s not just a talking head with a quip here or there.I’m not trying to dog you guys, but I am trying to get you to look at the blog from a viewers perspective… we ain’t stupid… we can Google.

  • Anonymous

    So I cannot ask about brads marital status, I’m just curious…But I get to see the tub that Trisha had her baby in?hmmmmm

  • Heather R.

    hTheres a difference in what people want to share, and what they don’t. If they willingly share it great, but obviously he doesn’t. Leave him alone. Its not that big of a deal. I enjoy Trisha and Pat’s blog, Yes the news is a repeat for me, but here they can share there views on the news, were as on the air, they cannot. It gives you a different view of things. I appreciate your blog, Trisha, Pat, Jerianne, & Brad. Keep up the good work. Its awesome the way it is!

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Whoa whoa whoa!!!! I sense some snappiness out there…let me clear something up!There’s a big difference between us sharing our own personal stories, and other people reporting on every little move someone like Brad makes in public! I guess I didn’t mean to suggest that what goes on in our lives off camera is off limits – we’re more than willing to share some of our own life experiences!!! I hope it helps bring a smile to people’s faces, and gives them a different perspective. (To anonymous: I shared the birth experience because it’s just the kind of info I appreciated hearing when I was expecting – and because my experience was so great I feel compelled to share it!) I just think we’re MORE willing and happy to open up when we know our readers/viewers will give us a tiny bit of personal space too! Does that make sense? Thanks for the comments, everyone!Trisha

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad Pat and Trisha that someone has finally switched gears. The issues that People have with Brad and briefly with Patrick has gotten way out of hand. It’s not surprising how mean people are and the comments they make, just go to your local grocery store, wal mart,,,and get in someones way just once and see the reaction you get. Nine times out of ten it isn’t pretty. Keep up the Good work!-Brenda E.

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