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Just a few things . . .
1) In my previous post I wrote something like ” . . . running around with my hair on fire.” Well guess what? A few days later, my hair really was ON FIRE!!! Here’s the short version of what happened. My husband and I went to K.C. for a long weekend. We went to a little jazz club. It was noisy. I leaned across the table to say something to Michael without having to scream. The next thing I know, he’s screaming and hitting me in the head!!! Unbeknownst to me, when I leaned over my hair passed through the flame of the candle sitting on the tiny table between us. It’s a good thing this took place on a day when I had not been at work, because I think if I’d had all of the usual gel and hairspray in my hair I would now be sporting a new, very short “do”
2) Friends from Nebraska came to Iowa this weekend for the game in Ames. A few observations . . . . standing on the hillside for hours is miserable, night games mean that some people get very drunk and very obnoxious, some people take their football WAY too seriously. More on the game, and some pics in a few days.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and funny comments regarding age and aging.
Gotta run!


  • Heather R.

    OMG Erin! I hope you didn’t loose to much hair after that fire incident. I totally had an incident like that one time. My mom asked me to go light the grill and I did, but I forgot the torch and didn’t turn the gas off and lit the torch and it hit the gas and blew a big flame in my face. I lost my eyebrows and my bangs. I was on the phone with my mom and she heard this massive explosing and flipped out! To this day, I have not touched a grill. Just a little laugh! Talk to you later!

  • Heather R.

    I know I already posted! But I used to work with one of the girls you interviewed tonight in the broadcast. Elizabeth that received a home from Habitat. She is the awesomest person you will ever meet! She’s so deserving! Just thought I’d share!

  • Casey

    OMG! Did you get a new hair do out of it? LOL. Sorry to hear about that. Glad you had fun this weekend. Nice little bday gift! Have a good week Erin!-Casey

  • tripletdaddy

    A weekend away? What a nice getaway EVEN if you did light your hair on fire. As the daddy of trips we’re taking our first getaway in approximately 3-5 years. Check out the trips at lenhartfamily.blogspot.com Nice blog Erin, look forward to seeing you in class on Saturday soon.

  • Rita

    Erin-don’t let the comments of idiots get to you. I’m sure you deal with worse every day. You are doing a great job! My family has always watched Channel 13, unless there is something on that prevents it, football games, etc. Evidently, there are lazy people at home who have nothing better to do than degrade someone while making themselves look stupid…but of course, everyone has their own opinion, unfortunately! Keep up the good work!!

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