Health Forum, Hard Freeze and Passing the Hat for the State

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Good morning…
Trish is back safe and sound and we’re all glad to see her.

She wasn’t so happy to see the forecast. Coming from Atlanta, the weather here was a little bit of a shocker. Time to cover the plants, close the windows and throw another blanket on the bed.
It’s Trisha now – Brrr!!!! What a homecoming, from sunny 80’s to blustery 40’s! More about our Georgia adventure later in this blog!

Speaking of weather, Jeriann wants to chime in. Apparently someone was up past her bedtime last night. She says:

It was worth the lack of sleep! I stayed up a little past my bedtime last night
to see “The Rat Pack Live” at the Civic Center. Just so you know it is fabulous.
If you get a chance you need to go check this priceless entertainment out. The actors for
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. Make you feel like you’re
really at one of their concerts. Don’t worry despite my lack of sleep I still had plenty of
time to analyze the forecast. It’s going to get much colder
and I don’t think we’ll see any snow here in Des Moines.
See…I told you she’s swanky. Ring-a-ding baby
There’s a forum at Drake University this afternoon on healthcare in Iowa. Both candidates for governor will be there answering your questions. This is another chance to ask these guys some questions on issues that matter to you. If you have the afternoon free it’s from 2-5. If you can’t make it Mediacom will replay this on channel 22.

That gives us a chance to plug an effort for our election coverage. While you’re on the website, go to the homepage and click the Iowa Votes banner at the top. You can email us questions you want to ask the candidates…Issues that effect your life. We’re not talking about the obvious here. No issue is too small, no question is stupid. Ask it, we’ll sort em out and get the candidates to answer some of the more interesting ones.

I forgot an observation about these political ads we”re seeing on TV. Has anyone else seen the one about Jeff Lamberti and hog farms?
Ok….When you have a message to get out…You might want to ask the out-of-state consultant making the ad to pronounce your opponent’s name right. Just a suggestion. It’s hard to take an attack ad seriously when they don’t pronounce the guys name right. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s (Lamb-berti) not (Lum-berti) as it’s pronounced in the ad.
Keeping it on politics the current governor is in New York giving a speech on foreign policy. This would clearly be a weakness in his credentials if he runs for president. Vilsack gave an interview with the AP that was interesting to read yesterday. The more interesting part is that this interview was picked up by papers as far away as the UK.

As promised we wanted to give you a link to that website out of Marshall County.

The sheriff’s Office there set up the site to get you email or text message warnings on missing persons, amber alerts, you can even sign up to offer your
services to the county in an emergency.

There’s an interesting story out of eastern Iowa. The woman who says she was fired as head of the University of Iowa hygienic lab isn’t quitting her fight to raise more money for a new lab. The state is already spending 37 million for a new hygienic lab buy Mary Gilchrist says another three million or so would make the lab much better and useful for much longer. You can read more about it at her website,

And I know Trish wants to comment on this one but there’s a study about how hard it is to get guys up off the couch during “the big game”. In fact we apparently wait to go to the ER.
I’ll let Trish expound on this
Ahem – yes! When the Cardinals are playing, I think armageddon would be about the only thing that could get Ian’s attention. I think if he accidentally chopped a limb off or had crushing chest pains, he just might wait until the game was over. ESPECIALLY now that they’re in the playoffs.
Last night we had a hilarious battle of the remotes. I was upstairs trying to get our DVR to replay the Bachelor from Monday night. (yes, I’m pathetic enough to tape that lame excuse for a program!) He was downstairs trying to watch baseball. Somehow our remotes got crossed, and we were CHANGING EACH-OTHER’S CHANNELS! I was totally confused – HE figured it out and came upstairs, stared me down and said… “you’re trying to watch THE BACHELOR, aren’t you!?” Oops. He wound up at a buddy’s house watching baseball so I could get my fix!

I think the reason more of us are going to the ER after the game is that we get up and do stupid things…Like go play football…punch a hand through the wall because the team lost. We’re big dumb animals…Not sure I needed a study for that one.

Flu Shots: they’ve expanded the age range of people who should go get flu shots. Here’s the thing, in a recommendation only the government could put out, they’ve told parents to take kids under 59 months to get a shot. Get your abacus out…Fifty nine months? Really? How bout kids under five. Only the government could make that recommendation harder for parents.
That’s it…I’m out.
Have a good day.
Trisha again. Okay – now time for the short version of our huge family gathering in Georgia (rural area near Atlanta).
We were visiting Ian’s mom and stepdad, and all kinds of relatives who also gathered. The main occasion was that our 5-YEAR-OLD niece, Katie, is finally well enough to travel for the first time in several years!! (They’re from Ottawa, Ontario – Google it and you’ll see just how far away that is.) Katie has been dealing with chemo treatments for Leukemia, and is now done with treatment, in remission, and doing BEAUTIFULLY.
That’s her to the right with Calvin. They had never met. The last time we saw her, I was pregnant with Cal. Then she got the diagnosis and everything went on hold.
It was so awesome to see her so radiant and healthy, playing with all her cousins – such a shocking difference from the pictures of her we’ve seen the last couple years, with hardly any hair, and all bloated from medications. I’ve shed lots of tears over the ordeal Katie and her very brave parents have faced. It’s a huge dose of perspective.
It was also a great occasion for the grandparents to spoil all the grandkids within an inch of their life!! They took us all to the aquarium in Atlanta (it’s HUGE), and threw the kids a group birthday party with a separate cake for each kid, and TONS of fun gifts.
One evening, a rainbow appeared – two of the cousins (Matthew and Alex) pretended to “hold it up” in the sky. Another little magical moment.
For Ian and I, the best gift was seeing all the kids and parents in our family, HEALTHY and happy, and together. Not much more you can ask for. We’ve come back refreshed and appreciative for all the little things life throws our way.
Have a great day, everyone!


  • Anonymous

    Trisha–Thanks for sharing about your trip. Glad you had a good time. I was beginning to wonder if those past comments were making you hesitant to share about your family, but glad to see that their immaturity didnt influence you. I am SO glad Katie is doing well, as it sounds like a sad and scarey situation. Again, thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Patrick! here’s a knee slapper maybe its quite possible that they did that on purpose so people like us would sayhey! hey! that’s Jeff so and so. whatever it takes to get known I guess. If that’s True he should change his name to Jeff LAME BERTI!!! he he he just had to say that. this will surely step on some toes. just a joke people, just a joke. Have a Great Day! :0)-Brenda E.

  • Heather R.

    Great blog Trisha! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Welcome back! Have a great day Pat, Trish & Jeriann!P.S. Jeriann! I need a genie in a bottle for 3 wishes, #1 make it 80 degrees #2 Make it not so windy and #3 make the leaves stay red and yellow year round… you think you can manage that one?Heather.

  • Carol

    Hey great to see you back Trisha! Did you get any souvineers when you were down there. Every time I cart my family someplace new I try to get some meaningful trinket to remember the trip by. Usually not expensive… but always meaningful. I have a little treasure chest full of them. You should see the stuff I brought back from Graceland… you might even be jealous Trisha!Ok… gotta close out my books for the day. Love the show!CarolP.S. does brad ever got out to cover stories, or is he just traffic?

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