Resolution, Debate II, and Pat’s Not a Pilot

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Good morning, all!

North Korea continues to dominate the headlines today, and for those of you who feel like this is getting a little stale or boring…throw some cold water on your face and pay attention. This is one of those things you don’t want to be ignorant about. Watch for the UN to vote soon on sanctions.

The Governor’s debate at the Brown and Black forum seemed more lively last night than it was the first time around. I’m glad. It’s time to start actually debating. I have to admit I didn’t see much of this and I’ll get to why later.

Our excellent political reporter Dave Price proved one of the more connected reporters in town again last night when he confirmed the president’s planned visit October 26th.
(It’s Trisha now – Check out Dave’s blog if you haven’t! (The Price of Politics) Dave’s someone I really admire as a colleague in spite of his love for the Cardinals! He also has a great knack for entertaining kids… an all around cool guy!)

As we said on the show this morning. If anyone had doubts about Iowa’s races being important, this should answer some questions. We’re also getting former President Clinton in town this weekend for the Jefferson/Jackson dinner. Generally the leaders (Clinton’s kind of the defacto leader) of both parties don’t make a visit this close to the election unless the races are competitive and important to the overall party strategy.

We talked about the crash of the plane into a NY apartment building yesterday on the blog and I was glad to see we have smart readers here. I had a brain fart and called the plane a cessna instead of a Cirrus sr20. I know just enough about aviation to think what a pilot does is really cool, but it wasn’t my intention to try and figure out what happened. I was merely parroting the conversation Brad and I had, and it turns out, his question about the parachute was a good one. this morning the investigators say the parachute for the plane WAS deployed, but the actual chute didn’t open. That, of course does not mean the chute was the cause of the crash. I don’t know what it was, but as I said yesterday. The NTSB will be putting out a detailed report. If you’ve nbever read one of the reports when they become final…you should. It’s usually a well written narative of what caused a crash.

It’s Friday the 13th and we got through the show. Do you know there’s actually a word to describe “the fear of Friday the 13th”?

The World Food Festival, and Covered Bridge Festival are just a couple of the events going on this weekend. I’m not leaving anyone out, there’s just too much to list it all. Go out and enjoy.

I got to bed a little late last night because Sally and I were invited to the Glanton Scholarship dinner from Des Moines University. The Honoree, Thomas Phillips was very deserving of the accolades he recieved. The scholarships benefit the hard working students at DMU. Courtney Greene was a Great MC! And our hosts from Flynn/Wright were gracious to invite us. If you’ve never heard of Luther and Willie Glanton. You should read more.

We’re going to a wedding in Clinton Iowa this weekend. I’ve never been to Clinton. Is there anything we should see while we’re over there?

Trisha now! You know what they say about guys who have big feet? They need big shoes.
This is my favorite story of the day – a Florida high school football player finally found cleats to fit his SIZE 20 feet! The Miami Dolphins helped him cover the cost of the special order. I hear he’s a great athlete – but his shoe size is earning him more notoriety right now than his NFL prospects!

That story reminded me – I wanted to ask you blog readers what you think about expensive walking shoes for babies? I got Clara these over the weekend to replace her worn out moccassins she’s been wearing all the time. She’s just about ready to walk, but still a little hesitant, and the shoe saleswoman claimed these shoes will make a big difference for her. Moms and dads – what do you think? Calvin walked on his own before he was 10 months old, without any special shoes.. I’m not sure if the money is worth it or not.

The other day someone wrote in to ask if I brought home any souvenirs from Georgia! The kids actually scored tons of birthday presents – playdoh, clothes, books, etc. – but the most memorable souvenirs are these historical figure finger puppets. I’ve never seen anything like them. Ian’s Aunt Martha gave our kids Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, and Frederick Douglas finger puppets that double as magnets. They’re now stuck to my desk at work. You really have to see them to believe it.
Aunt Martha is a college professor in California – super smart and cool – and quite a trip! She also spoiled all the kids with surf-wear (Cal is wearing his new shirts 24/7) – and a tiny designer t-shirt with pink palm trees for Clara! Never guessed we’d be taking home California souvenirs from Georgia!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Anonymous

    As usual…great job to both of you! Trisha-No need to waste the money for expensive shoes. Our peds doc is a very close friend and he says don’t bother unless you’re told to for some reason or another. My daughter learned to walk two days after she turned one and only started wearing shoes about a month after that. The doc said letting her run around bare footed gives them good muscles and tough feet! Have a great weekend to both of you.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Patrick and Trisha!Ok, Parasdevidekatriaphobia. THERE! that’s the word….. for the Friday the 13th phobia. But Can I have the correctpronouncation please?!?…. and can you say that 10 times fast. Have a Great Weekend Everybody!P.S. Somewhere some place I’m sure my spelling teacher is somewhere smiling!!!!-Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Correction Again!P-A-R-A-S-K-E-V-I-D-E-K-A-T-R-I-A-P-H-O-B-I-ATHERE!!!!!! I’ll be going about my day now as you see this little someone has too much time on there hands!!-Brenda E.

  • Heather R.

    Trish, I had to have stride rights to walk. There kinda like the ones you bought Clara. I had a tough time, with shoes, my feet were wide and short, now its just the opposite. Have a good weekend!

  • Angie

    People….leave Brad alone! I feel bad for the poor guy! Now..about the BLOG…My little sisters and brothers had to have special shoes..but I don’t think it was because of not walking soon enough. Give her time. Kids walk at all different times :) That is the beauty of being individuals :)

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