Deadly Weekend, Hawaiian Quake and Gov’s Debate III

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Good morning!

Rainy start to the week matched the tone of the news this morning. If you missed the news, you’re going to be asking yourself “what happened”!

A family of five is dead after a weekend shooting in southeast Iowa. The man accused is also a part of this family.
There was a stabbing death on Des Moines’ north side over the weekend but police haven’t said if it was an accident or intentional.
In Tama county four people are being held as material witnesses to a Sunday morning shooting. The 18 year old victim was taken to the hospital in Des Moines where he died.

And in Sioux County another shooting left two people dead and another in the hospital.

We hated to start your week this way but there’s no getting around the fact that it is(to say the least) unusual to have nine murders in Iowa in one weekend.

Keeping it here in Iowa, I’m embarrassed to say we didn’t add the fact that the last governor’s debate is tonight. We miss things sometimes, but I’m sorry we did. The other news from the weekend is the separation in the latest polling for governor. The last Register poll had the two candidates tied. This one has Democrat Chet Culver seven points ahead. Should be interesting to see if that changes the way either man approaches the debate tonight.

Can you imagine being on vacation in Hawaii and having an earthquake basically shut the place down? First it’s probably scary, and second, what a terrible way to have to spend a once in a lifetime vacation. The only reason I can say that is that no one was killed and there were relatively few injuries.

Sorry this is late…Breaking news all over the place this morning. Look for stories on a fatal crash on I-35 this morning around eight. Dan Winters drove up on the scene and actually helped get a family of five out of the car. Look for more of his account and an update on the condition of the family in the noon and evening news.

We heard this one while we were trying to deal with the accident. A home in Grimes caught fire around nine thirty.

Then we got a call saying there’d been a fatal hit and run in Grundy Center. No details on this yet. Again, look for more this evening.

We’ve got a lot to talk about today…Hope you’ll join us.

It’s Trisha now!
Just a few more things that caught my attention today:

I bet my hubby is bummed today – did you see the Cards-Mets score? Ouch. This National League series is gonna be a nail biter! I’m really hoping the snag with our TV’s is fixed or we could have World War 3. (there’s been a problem lately where both TV’s in the house are somehow controlled together, so everyone has to watch the same show) The Bachelor starts at the same time as tonight’s playoff game. Trouble in “paradise…”

We ran a story this morning about a new study finding parents spend somewhere near $6,000 on baby gear in the first year of their bundle’s life! It also says baby gear manufacturers are getting really good at suckering parents into stuff they really don’t need. Example – bottle sterilizing and heating equipment. Nowadays – DISHWASHERS are the simplest way to sterilize bottles, and considered totally safe! And you can heat up a bottle by sticking it in a tall cup of very hot tap water for a few minutes. FREE!
I also HIGHLY recommend accepting any hand-me-down clothing and toys that’s offered to you. It is fun to have some new stuff for your baby too, but trust me, you will get lots and lots of baby clothes as gifts – and they’ll outgrow all the newborn stuff before you can blink.
Let the crazy grandparents, aunts and uncles spoil them with the pricey stuff!

Exhibit A: My parents sent Clara this totally adorable Tinkerbell costume for her birthday, that she’ll wear on Halloween. It’s so darned cute I can’t stand it. I never thought I’d be such a sucker for “princessy” frilly girl stuff – but this is totally irresistible. If I had gotten this dress as a little girl, I think I’d have died and gone to heaven immediately.

Drums, Keys, and a Cold. Lame Date Night!

Saturday started out so promising.

Ian and I had a sitter, and plans to go to the “Soundoff” anniversary party (which Jeriann says was awesome!) First, we were just going to “stop by” the high school marching band competition at Waukee H.S. , to watch ISU’s band perform. (they were the featured entertainment)

Long story made short:
This photo is of Ian helping ISU’s drumline warm up. (He’s part of their music-coaching staff this year) Notice how dark it is in the photo. I snapped this picture about 2 minutes before Ian realized OUR CAR KEYS WERE MISSING. We spent about an hour searching in the grass, in the dark, in the cold, ALL OVER the middle school property and near the stadium. No dice. We were stranded.

I think the band played well. Couldn’t see them though. We were too busy pacing back and forth in the grass, cooking up a plan B.

We had to execute that plan, unfortunately. Our most-awesome friend Jenny came to the rescue – she picked us up and CRANKED the heat for us in her car! Ian and I were too wiped out, cranky and frozen to go to the party. I fell asleep with about 100 layers on – flannel, sweatshirt, slippers -the whole works. Hot date gone cold. Bummer.

(Ian went back and found the keys in the daylight yesterday, thank goodness!)

Pat again – I spent my Saturday night cold, but at least inside, and with my carkeys. We went over to Clinton for a friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful day, which every bride worries about, but it was a little chilly. Apparently the church they were married in isn’t used for mass anymore. I guess no one remembered to turn on the heat so the cold of the night before lingered inside the church. The poor Bride had a strapless dress on, so we all thought she’d be freezing. Then my wife reminded me I could have been married in a meat locker and still sweated my way through the ceremony. I’m sure they didn’t feel a thing.
We were all happy to spill out into the sunshine afterwards.
I hope you guys had a better weekend!
Happy Monday!


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    I just was reading the blogs from the previous day and happened to notice that someone was asking about Brad’s personal life (again). I happened to be at the farmer’s market this weekend and saw Brad with someone, they were definitely dating. Who is she Brad?

  • Jennifer

    Well… I ran into brad on Sunday in Winterset and he gave no indication that he was dating someone when we talked. He is a really nice guy, he’s so sincere. I sure would like to get to know him better. I almost slipped him my number, but I chickened out. OH WELL… i’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!

  • Anonymous

    Clara is the Cutest Little One, what a Little Doll!! what will Mr. Calvin be?!? from what you’ve shared so far, I can see him portraying his favorite action figure. Way too Cute Trisha!! -Brenda E.

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