Pictures return!!!

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After a significant lapse, photos are making a (big) return to the blog this week!
First, I have a confession to make.
I don’t own a camera.
During all of these outings, people mock me and my “funsavers”. I don’t have a digital camera for three reasons. 1) I lose things. 2) It’s anybody’s guess how long it will take me to learn how to use it. 3) I am cheap. My feeling is, who cares?!?! My disposal cameras take pretty darn good photos . . . see for yourself!

SoundOFF celebrates 10 years, 500 episodes

So you may’ve heard . . . there was a big party at Legends on Saturday.

My favorite picture from the night?



Love him.

And the father of SoundOFF, Channel 13 Sports
Director Keith Murphy!!!! It was hard to grab
any time with Murph Saturday night, but JT and I managed to snag this photo on the fly. JT Nutt (that’s his last name, no kidding) is an editor here at the station. He puts up with a lot of stuff
from all of us, including being called “JT the Nut”

And here’s a familiar face . . . it’s MARK MEISENHEIMER!!! He may be out of the tv business, but he just couldn’t resist this big bash. Neither could some of our other “sports friends”

Courtney Greene & Heather Burnside (or as we like to call her “Heat”). Courtney looks like Halle Berry, and against my better judgement I got my picture taken with her. Luckily, Jeriann is in the middle. We LOVE Jeriann!!!

Here are some tv people you rarely see . . . Chopper 13 pilot Fred Redman

Megan & Dan, our friends from “the competition”

Angela Skinner, Jon Cahill, Roger Maxwell (Courtney’s dad), Courtney Greene

And my second favorite picture of the night . . . . (imagine a drumroll, please) . . . .

Jeriann & Keith proving that here at Channel 13, we really do love each other!!!!

I’m running out of time before the 10pm show . . . these are from the Nebraska – Iowa State game.

One of my best friends, Brenda (you met Brennie and her kids in a summertime blog) and her husband Mark.

One of Brenda’s friends grilling up a great meal before the game. Yum!

We finally found a decent spot on the hill.

Our feet hurt, but it’s ok . . . football is worth it!

Huskers score . . . whoooooooooooo!

Here is just one example of some of the crazy Cornhuskers we saw at the game. At least this guy was nice (even to my husband, who was wearing ISU gear). Nice hair!

These people were also nice, but a bit out of control. I think they took advantage of the after dark kickoff by drinking all day.

I am not skilled enough to turn this photo . . . however, it’s a prime example of how Michael felt about going to the game, putting up with obnoxious drunks, and standing on a hill for more than three hours. He was tired and ready to go home.

Gotta run . . . it’s almost news time!

Thanks for reading, watching and commenting.



  • Anonymous

    What is Mark Meishenheimer doing? I miss him on t.v.—-very good looking man!Tell us what he is doing now.

  • Courtney Greene

    Hey, This is Courtney AKA Halle Berry (I LOVE that!)Heather Burnside or “Heat” as we so affectionately call her works mornings at KGGO radio. It’s always great to see her and hang with her because she always keeps it real. Meisenheimer works PR at a retirement community in Kansas City and we miss him desperately. He’s one of nicest, most genuine men you will ever meet and whoever snags him will be one lucky lady. The one person at the party I also love (after my Dad, of course) who you didn’t see is B-Ross. I’ve known B-Ross for a loooong time and as one of the two African-Americans at WHO, B-Ross is like my cool brother. He’s so smart, talented and smoooooth. I had to send my shouts out to B-Ross. I like how he rolls. I don’t get out much, but had big fun at Legends. Saw old friends like Larry Cotlar and Round Guy and met new friends like JR’s new squeeze and Donna. Moodring, love the blog, love you. I’m out.Maxwell House

  • Heather R.

    Awesome blog Erin! Im the same way with the camera. I use my moms all the time, but when I’m not, its totally disposables. Why not? There cheaper and you get a hard copy of the photo without using ink or paying extra to print? Good Job! Go Huskers!

  • Casey

    Very nice Erin! Love seeing your life outside of work. LOL. The cheaper cameras are the best, I think anyways. LOL. Never got the point of buying some big expensive thing. Nice job again!-Casey

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