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Overnight News, Are YOU Qualified, and DAAAA Bears

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Good Morning!

Been a while since we had any overnight news to tell you about. This wasn’t earthshattering, but we had an armed robbery. Police think they know who they’re looking for.

The third debate in the governor’s race happened in the Quad Cities last night and it looks like no one scored a knock out. Rep Jim Nussle tried his best to rile up Democrat Chet Culver with accusations that he’s not qualified. If he was trying to make the point that Culver isn’t smart enough to take the job, Nussle missed the mark. Instead he sounded almost adolescent in accusing Culver of botching the call of the 2004 presidential race here in Iowa. I’m still wondering if I can pull a Monty Brewster here and vote for”none of the above”.

There’s a candidate forum over at Blank Children’s hospital today from 8:30 till 11am. There’s also a debate in House District 66 today on WOW-FM(98.3). This is the district being vacated by Ed Fallon. Ako Abdul-Samad was unopposed until three other people stepped in. This should be interesting because apparently all the candidates are going to appear, and none of them are going to talk about CIETC. Since Ako was on the board of CIETC when all that money was mis-spent…I hope they make room for the 500 pound gorilla in the studio as well.

Do you feel a little more crowded this morning. The population of the US hit 300-million this morning. This is kind of like hitting your 30th (or I hear your 40th) birthday. You spend a lot of time thinking about it, talking about it, and answering questions about it…But nothing really changes when the number turns over.

The ISU game in Manhattan Kansas on the 28thg is being rescheduled. It starts at 2:35 now. So is the National League Championship series. Game five in St Louis tonight, then no day off before the teams head to New York for game six.

Trisha now : TV crisis update. To avoid a marital catastrophe I called tech support yesterday and figured out the problem that had both our TV’s running the same show all the time! I think Clara had hit some buttons she shouldn’t have. Got it fixed in time for the Cardinals/Bachelor viewing last night… but then the game was rained out anyway! Still, I’m sure Ian appreciated not having to watch my trashy chick-show.
I managed to drag Pat into my fixation today… he looked on the website and chose his favorite Bachelorette to marry the Italian-American Prince-Bachelor.
He picks Jennifer, a teacher – I think he might be onto something.
While I was watching that, Pat was glued to the Bears game – thank goodness he helped bail me out this morning on the air, when I was supposed to go over highlights of the game! I just let him take over when I got about halfway through the script. Baseball I can handle no problem. Football goes a bit over my head.

I had a fleeting thought as I was going to sleep last night…Maybe they can pull it out.
My blood pressure was the highest it’s ever been watching a Bears game last night on Monday Night Football. The Bears looked awful! I flipped the TV off in disgust. I mean come on…They were three interceptions and two fumbles into Rex Grossman’s night. I figured even with a good defense the Bears couldn’t pull this one out.
I forgot the Bears good defense is also a good offense. Bottom line, Bears win, Dennis Green (Cardinals coach) melts down, and the team that deserved to win last night, couldn’t pull it out. The only thing people will remember here, is that the Bears won. Go Bears.

Finally, if someone has ever told you that your facial expressions are like those of your mom or dad, it might not be an accident. Researchers in Israel says they’ve made a connection between genetics and facial expression. I learned this in a way when I first saw video of my grandfather. He was on TV in the 50’s, but died long before I was born. I never knew him but some of his expressions, hand gestures etc were eerie. This could have something to do with watching my uncles over the years who also look a lot like him. Anyway, it’s more evidence that none of our apples fall far from the tree.

As far as chill recipe’s go: here’s Jeriann’s

Jeriann’s Chili… This will keep you warm when the weather is cool.
Brown 2 lbs of Hamburger with 1 large onion… Drain
Add 2 Taco Seasoning Paks
Add 2 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Paks
4 Cans of Chili Beans
4-6 Cans of Diced Tomatoes (Add a few that are the Mexican kind which include green chilies)
Add a bag of frozen corn
Top with Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream and those Fritos Chips.
It’s the perfect tasting chili… Enjoy!
Go ahead and make it. I’ll get Sally’s and put it on the blog tomorrow. Maybe we can convince Trish to put one up too.
( cooking skills aren’t the greatest, to say the least, but my late grandma had a good recipe I’ll share if I can dig it up! A pretty old-school, traditional recipe that works every time!-Trish)

Have a good day,
It’s Trisha again.
This Zombie guy is ruining my life.
For the second year in a row, my son has become FASCINATED with this creature at Spencer’s gifts. We visit him almost every day, just like last year at Halloween season. The only problem? This year, the zombie is not just undead, he’s really really dead. As in… totally broken.
I even checked with the store clerk, in hopes that there’d be a switch we could flip on to feed my poor kid’s obsession. No luck. Some customer knocked his undead head off. (I’m pretty sure in zombie lore, that is the true way to off a zombie, am I right?)
ANYWAY, Calvin keeps making us take him back, in hopes that the zombie will somehow come back to life, and say… “hungry, hungry…braaaaiinns”.
Cal usually stands there for about 20 minutes (or more if we let him) and gets lots of strange looks from other shoppers as HE acts out the zombie routine in front of the store. I know, he’s a weird little dude.
Since Brenda E. asked in yesterday’s blog, Calvin says this year he says he wants to wear his “Animal” costume from 2 years ago, kind of like the one in this picture. (Remember the Muppets’ wild drummer? My husband’s idea, and it’s actually pretty cute!)
Last year he had to be the zombie. I won’t be surprised if he changes his mind before the big day and reverts to that idea!
I have no idea what to be for Halloween this year! I’m actually going to get to go to a big crazy party, but it seems like all the adult costumes out there are either WAY to trashy/risque, or too expensive, or too boring! I want to do something fun, but not look like I’m going to a party at the Playboy mansion, you know?
Happy Tuesday – thanks for reading, everyone!


  • Anonymous

    You should be rooting for JEANETTE on “The Bachelor”… she’s from Illinois, but she is a University of IOWA graduate! :)

  • Anonymous

    Trisha – you should dress up like one of your on-air colleagues – I’m thinking Jon Bachman or Ed Wilson . . . lots of potential for goofiness and fun!!

  • Anonymous

    I think I liked it better when I didn’t know your political views. It helped me feel like you were neutral. But lately you have become partison. Guess I will read this blog and watch the morning show with a different light.

  • Anonymous

    Put on a gold dress. Sprinkle gold glitter in your lip gloss. Paint your nails gold. Paint a toy shovel gold, and carry it with a bag of gold rocks.

  • Patrick Dix

    To anonymous-In regards to the governor’s race, if you think I’m leanic Democrat, you’ve missed the mark. If you think I’m leaning Republican, you’ve missed the mark. I think you might have missed the last part of that post as well. I’ve tried to point out what I think a lot of people in Iowa are feeling right now. Neither one of these guys is knocking my socks off. I missed the part where either one of our candidates for governor has shown a vision for the state moving forward. I’m missing the part where either one has articulated WHY they want to be governor. As I’ve said in previous posts, most of the time I can be swayed to a candidate regardless of pary affiliation if they show me vision, leadership and conviction. Am I missing something in either one of these candidates? I could be wrong! But if you think I’m on one side or the other. You are wrong.

  • Anonymous

    To Jennifer, Brad DOES have a girlfriend. I happen to know her through a mutual friend and she is wonderful. How sad for her that Brad would even lead on to you that he was single!

  • Anonymous

    Pat.Are you a tree hugging liberal… or a Neo-con?Don’t answer Patrick,! This is just for fun!See what us bloggers think.I, for one, say Neo-con!What about the rest of you? bloggers.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to tell you guys I shot Frootloops out of my nose when brad said that he was happy none of the 300 million babies born were his. That was priceless. Had me chuckling for quite a while… I feel the same way as he does. Phew!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following the canidates, paying special attention to who I might think will do some good for our State. And I’m not too crazy about who’s running either. What is driving me crazy is trying to figure out just EXACTLY what Chet Culver’s wife is saying…. “I should know because he’s my Huz bun?!?” “I should know because that’s my huz bun?!? “because it’s muh huz bun?” (maybe?)… I think that’s it! what I know for sure is that that’s her HUZ BUN, but who’s she?!? what’s her name? I’m sorry but it’s too mush mouth for me. It’s probably safe to say that they’re walking the walk, but not talking the talk. Cuz she can’t speak.-Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Pat’s a berkonstock wearing (good luck on my spelling!) granola eating, spotted owl loving, hybrid driving lib if I ever saw one! But I love the show… so keep up the good work!Dale

  • Anonymous

    Dale… you are nuts! all respect intended.Pat’s the kind of conservative that would club a baby seal off the Alaskan pipeline just to ease gas prices a penny per barrel. Here’s to bringing back CFC’s… and I’m sure all you tv people use quite a bit of hairspray! Let’s keep working for global warming… 0.7 percent and rising! Iowa winters are way too cold anyway!Lovin it…Pat’s evil conservative friend.Well… not really.

  • Mary R.

    Hey Jennifer and anonymous,I met Brad a couple weeks ago, and tried really hard to flirt with him. H’es unbelieveably nice and engaging, but when I nonchalantly gave him my number he kinda clammed up. I mistook a killer smile, confidence and eye contact for a genuine “dating” interest in me. My bad. Nice guys are hard to find. If any of you catch wind that he’s on the market, tell us ladies here first.Many more fish in the sea… right???!!!

  • Anonymous

    Culver’s wife is saying “I should know – this big lug is my husband”which has turned my stomach every time the ad is on. One of the dumbest things I have ever heard said in a political ad yet!

  • Angie

    You all crack me up! I know I have said that before. What would I do without my WHO-TV in the morning! I love the morning show and crew! Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    Jerrianne:Thanks for the chili recipe! Sounds delicious! I’ll give it a try this weekend. Thanks again,DB in DSM

  • Anonymous

    To Mary R.,I couldn’t pass up commenting on your earlier comment. You said that you mistook Brad’s killer smile, confidence and eye contact for a genuine “dating” interest in you. It seems to me that guys are either interested or they aren’t…usually pretty black or white. I say that if he showed an interest then GO FOR IT! Brad has yet to tell anyone if he is single or not, so there’s no harm in being interested. Maybe he clammed up a little because he’s shy about that kind of thing??? Just a thought by someone with a little insite on this kind of thing…

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