Overnight News, School Locked and Stadium Threats

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Good Morning.

Two overnight news stories caught our attention. A house fire just after the ten pm news last night called in by a neighbor is now being investigated as a possible arson.

Also a bizarre story from police about a shooting overnight. Apparently this 17-year-old walked into the ER at Broadlawns with a bullet wound. Max Celic Cam (an East HS student) is in good condition. He told police two men in an Escalade demanded he get in their car, and started shooting when he refused. I’m sure there’s a lot more to this story, which hopefully we’ll discover today.

A school in Des Moines is going on lockdown. No kidding. Doors are locked at all times, you have to knock or call to get in. Police apparently expressed some concerns about activity around Capitol View Elementary, but did not recommend the doors be locked. The principal sent a letter home to parents about this earlier in the week. So what do you think parents? Do you feel better if your kids are in a school that’s locked down?

Trisha now: I guess if it’s in the name of security, okay, but I really like that I can walk into Cal’s preschool whenever I want. I definitely wouldn’t mind checking in at the front office. The best idea seems to be in the design of newer schools… where the main office is right at the entrance, made of all windows, so school officials can keep the door unlocked, but SEE whoever walks in, and require them to check in. Older schools tend to have offices that don’t have a view of the front door… that seems risky to me.

Security will be a lot tighter for NFL fans this weekend. A website is reporting a dirty bomb threat against seven NFL stadiums. The Department of Homeland Security says it’s no big deal. They don’t consider the threat credible.

Trisha again – still, it’s very creepy. I think lots of Americans have worried about sporting events being targeted. I’ll be very curious to see what the threat does to attendance at Sunday’s NFL games. I really hope this is just a big hoax.

The Dow starts the day flirting with 12-thousand again. The index of 30 big companies went over the 12-thousand mark yesterday before ending the day just below 12-thousand. Rather than focusing on the numbers here, the good news is that investors feel positive about energy prices and the economy.
Trisha – I say go, go, go, little numbers! Anyone with a 401K should be happy to see some momentum in the stock market!

Wal-Mart is expanding it’s super cheap prescription program. 14 more states will now get the lower priced generic prescriptions. Iowa’s not on the list. The closest state that is, is Illinois. I wonder if docs on the border are going to start prescribing patient prescriptions to be picked up at the Illinois Wal-mart instead of the local pharmacy.

I think our “I.T.” guy blew coffee out his nose when I said on-air that I was going to download the new Internet Explorer version 7 this morning. They don’t like us downloading stuff on our own here at work. I figure, if you can’t trust a Microsoft product, you can’t trust anything. Also, I wanted to see the new version. It’s ok. I’ll need to get used to it, but I’m not overwhelmed with gratitude to Microsoft for updating my internet browser.
(Hey, Pat – thanks for updating our computer, but it did mess me up a bit! I couldn’t find the “favorites” tab with the new update, so I had trouble checking Brad’s traffic information website during our first Today show update at 7:26! Luckily, studio-crew star Mike Zavacki figured it out for me. (The cat’s out of the bag.. Captain Traffic is the one feeding us great information while he’s on the radio -that’s how I find out about most crashes I report during traffic updates! TS)

I’ll let Trish take over here. I’ll take the day off tomorrow. I’ll let you know what for on the Blog Monday. Stay tuned!

Trisha’s turn!
OK, I’m taking over now. I’ll just say I’m quite jealous that Pat and Sally have an awesome weekend planned! Elizabeth is sitting in for Pat tomorrow, so look forward to another all-women plus Brad newscast!

As someone who has an almost-obsessive love for strawberries, I loved this news. Strawberries can improve your memory! A study of rats discovered this… although we’d have to eat 10 LBS A DAY to get the benefit.
I bet I could come close.
My only demand at my wedding was that we have a cake with strawberries in it, strawberries on top of it, and chocolate-covered strawberries inside! It was delicious – and gorgeous! (Ian topped off the wedding night by having strawberries with chocolate sauce delivered to our honeymoon suite! He sure knows the fastest way to my heart.)

This is hilarious. Six Flags is cracking down on tasteless outfits. For real. They have a new dress code – no bikini tops, no going without a shirt, guys, and no tasteless slogans on t-shirts. They’re also going to crack down on foul language and cutting in line. They’re hoping to ditch the “teenage wasteland” image, and appear more family friendly.

Some of the guys on our staff had good cracks about the dress code, like… if there’s too much “mid” in your “riff”.. don’t show it!
What is it, anyway, about amusement parks that make people want to show way more skin than necessary?

Ian, I swear honey, that I am not putting this story in to rub it in (my hubby is a die-hard Cards fan while I much prefer the Cubs!) BUT it is big news.. The Cardinals lost to the Mets last night 4-2. Game 7 of the National League Championship is in New York tonight. I know Ian will be dying, because he’ll be working during the game – playing his regular Thursday Night Jam gig at Blues on Grand. I should call the bartenders and tell them to make sure the game’s not on their TV’s, so Ian doesn’t miss any beats (or hit his drums TOO forcefully out of frustration if they blow it again!)

Did anyone see her great blooper this morning? The weather goddess forgot to get her computer graphic ready – so she had to do her quickcast without any visual aids! She got a bit giggly – Pat scrawled out a sunshine on one of his script pages to try to help her out – one of those moments that proves that this is, indeed, LIVE TELEVISION! Jeriann is one of those people who always seems to have her stuff together, so it’s fun to prove that even she isn’t perfect all the time!


And thanks for not writing in to complain about it! I’m really ready to tear it all out right now. My “do” has been looking pretty shabby lately, only because I’ve been so busy I’ve neglected to get myself to the salon! My stylist will probably be disappointed at how I’ve failed to maintain the great cut he gave me last time. All it will do right now is flip out at the ends, usually in the wrong direction. It’s way too thick, and just hangs there like wet noodles unless I tease and spray the life out of it. Not pretty.

And it looks like I might blow another chance to fix it today – all my babysitting options are falling through, so I may have to cancel my haircut appointment! Until I can get in there for some hair TLC, thanks for tolerating my less-than-lovely locks. (People can be so nasty about TV anchors’ hair, so I appreciate your forgiveness!)

See you tomorrow!



  • Heather R.

    I think your hair is just fine Trish! I don’t really look at peoples hair I guess. I tune in to watch the news and get a laugh or two, not to critcize the awesome anchors Des Moines is lucky to have! Good luck w/ your appt!

  • Anonymous

    To Anonymous from yesterday…THANK YOU! I couldn’t agree more, and couldn’t have written it better! Poor Brad has people obsessing about his personal life, his girlfriend, and even his hair. Did anyone ever think to stop and just say what a wonderful job he does? Des Moines is so lucky to have such talent. Yes, he’s good looking…yes, he’s a great guy…yes, he has a tall blonde girlfriend…but WHO CARES? Why not write about how much we appreciate such great talent and leave the poor guy alone!

  • Billi

    Didnt get a chance to read yesterday’s blog until today…Trish, I’m glad Cal did so well at the dentist. As a mother of a 1 1/2 year old, I worry if I’m doing enough to get her teeth (the few she has) clean enough. I’m glad you share your family stuff with us b/c it helps readers like myself. Dont worry about your hair–it looks fine. Sorry I missed Jeriann’s mistake…must’ve stepped out of the room at that time…sounds funny. And as for Brad, I agree that those ladies need to grow up, quit obsessing about the guy, and concentrate on getting their own dates.

  • Angi

    Trish, don’t worry about your hair. You look great no matter what. Keep up the great job, you guys make my morning start off right. I don’t know what I would do without you guys to start out my day. I love your blog! Although it will be sad to see Pat gone in the morning I love it when Elizabeth fills in, she is a great addition to your staff. Thanks for everything!

  • Joan

    I have stock and 401 k’s, and yes, I am glad to see the numbers rising, but that doesn’t make my day to day existence any easier. Most people I talk to seem to be struggling to pay their bills even with stock on the rise.

  • Deb

    I just love Jeriann….saw her “mess up” this morning and just giggled along with her, we all know it’s live TV and that’s why we love it so much! I didn’t consider it anything but human, and love seeing your smiling faces every morning at 5:00am. You guys rock and I love reading the blog-especially the chili recipies! :)

  • Monica

    I doubt this is the place to mention it, but-News Staff- have you been to your other blogs lately? The Great Debte is waaaaay off topic but dishing some major dirt about Polk County. It’s at 75 comments now (almost all with something to say even)I’m not sure how your blogs work, but figured you should check it out.

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