Paging 007 and Don Henley

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Conspiracy theories and secret plans…ooh, this governor’s race is getting mysterious.

(During and following the fourth and final gubernatorial debate sponsored by The Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television) –Jim Nussle’s alleging Chet Culver’s devised a secret plan.

The pro-Touchplayers gave Culver wads of cash (including republican big-time giver, Bill Krause–the founder of Kum n Go, which stands to lose a gazillion dollars if Touchplay never comes back. You’ll remember Krause was none too pleased with his party’s nominee after Nussle stated he’d never bring back Touchplay. He pulled his support for Nussle. Who would have guessed he’d start writing checks for Culver. Although, Culver did mention during the debate that his uncle went to college with Krause. Maybe that’s it. Maybe it has nothing to do with Krause wanting to help Nussle lose for opposing his business ventures).


So here’s the secret planafter Culver’s elected, he’ll give Touchplayers back their games or at least get them a good settlement with the state so they’ll…

a) drop their suit and
b) get back some of their cash they spent on those too-close-to-slot-machines.

So what’s the proof? Nussle said follow the money and we’d find it. We followed it. We still can’t find that proof.


Culver calls the move “desperate“, so did democrat surrogates after the debate, the two Toms, Harkin and Vilsack. Vilsack used football Saturday to offer a football analogy. It was a “hail Mary pass”, he said, referring to the late-in-the-game, your-team-is-trailing-so-you-have-no-other-choice-move.

A couple other randoms from the fourth and final debate…(have you noticed not much news ever comes out of these, other than this time with the Touchplay replay talk?)

Culver criticized Nussle for not supporting a raise in the minimum wage. I asked if that meant he didn’t think Nussle’s pledge during the debate to raise the minimum wage was sincere (during the “Lightning Round phase”).

Culver responded by saying Nussle failed to answer the question. I went back and checked the tape to make sure I hadn’t blacked out during that part of the debate. Nope, Nussle answered it. And he said “yes” to the question. Although I don’t recall Nussle before saying that he’d raise the wage with no strings attack (repubs have talked of raising the wage, only if tax cuts or other more traditional repub-friendly measures are tied to it).

BTW, we were wondering if we were even going to get to talk to Culver at all following the debate. Nussle came out first. Touchplay dominated his Q & A with us. Then the dems’ surrogates arrived. After they left, we were told Culver wasn’t coming. Then we were told he was. I wonder what changed?


  • Michael S.

    I’m Touched. Give me the money Bill, Kyle, Jerry & Terry.Chet Culver has received over $100,000 from the TouchPlay lobby in the previous 3 months. On October 12th Chet Culver received a combined contribution from William and Kyle Krause of $25,000. Later that evening at the Black & Brown debate Chet Culver refused to answer the question “Would you reinstate TouchPlay?” The Revenues for Main Street Iowa PAC, the TouchPlay Coalition political action committee which includes TouchPlay operators, distributors and manufactures gave $11,000 to Chet Culver in the last 3 months.Give me that Blazing 777’s baby.

  • Brian

    Did you double check to see who has contributed to your good friend?They all take contributions from people and groups across the board. That is the way our government works. Whether they act differently based on who contributed is another matter. That is when it turns into bribery. For example: Rep. Bob Ney pleaded guilty Friday in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling investigation, the first lawmaker to confess to crimes in an election-year scandal that has stained the Republican-controlled Congress and the Bush administration.

  • The Real Sporer

    What is the first commandment of conspiracy? “Don’t put anything in writing”. Of course no one will own up to an actual “agreement”.By the way, I thought you’d like to know a that Gordon is out taking the Democrat smack about the budget on Krusty but he’s declined several opportunities to support his argument on Real Sporer and Krusty.

  • Michael S.

    Someone needs to add up all the Casino money Chet Culver has accepted since the start of his campaign not just TouchPlay dollars. In addition, the correct question to ask Chet Culver is would you veto a TouchPlay bill if passed by the Iowa house and state senate? Lastly, it’s lie for the Lt. Governor to state that Chet Culver was always opposed to TouchPlay – Chet Culver said he would have vetoed the TouchPlay bill on March 21st.

  • Michael S.

    Revenues for Main Street Iowa PAC is nothing but a front to laundry money from the TouchPlay lobby to democratic candidates in the Iowa house and state senate. Thirty percent of all contributions received by state representative Kevin McCarthy are from the TouchPlay lobby ($21,000). What’s the pay off for the TouchPlay lobby if Kevin McCarthy is elected the next majority leader by house democrats?

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