Turning the Hose on Culver

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So much for the whispers among the anti-Culver folks. Whispers, no more. Nussle’s debuting a radio ad where the announcer asks, “is Culver smart enough to be governor?”

It’s a direct response to that tv ad where Culver and Patty Judge stand in the “rain” criticizing the Earthpark project (bringing the human-made rain forest to Pella). The ad surprised some people, including some dems with whom I regularly talk. They say it’s a natural to tie Nussle to those big-spending pork projects from other states, but to take on a big Iowa project and call it wasteful? But, then again, they say, What if it works?

(One little note…the radio ad announcer talks about Culver’s rain hat. It’s actually Patty Judge’s rain hat, in case you care.)


  • Dennis

    The comment above is just one more example of how civility has been thrown out the window. The problem these days is that if you don’t agree with someone, it is their spin or they are stupid. We need to have honest discussions with the understanding that intelligent people can see an issue in more than one way. We would be much better off if there was more civility – on all sides.

  • Anonymous

    The rain forest is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Plain and simple. If Bob Ray and David Oman want to build it, use private money and not tax dollars. Good for Culver to point out to Iowa taxpayers that Nussle supports wasteful spending.

  • Anonymous

    anon 12:58…i think you forgot to mention harkin and vilsack to your list of people who want to build it.

  • Anonymous

    “is Culver smart enough to be governor?” — I don’t know. But I do know that even after taking course during Summer school at Drake, Culver couldn’t get his grade up to 2.5 minimum to get into Law School — and then he went on to be a teacher.

  • Anonymous

    He’s one dumb “Lug” as his wife alludes to. I want a smart Gov to rep that state. We have too many stereotypes to hurdle already.2.5 at Drake… give me a freakin break. As a Drake Alum you either have to be stupid or a drunk/druggie to keep that kind of GPA.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but notice the part of Culver’s education he doesn’t talk much about. That’s the time he spent at schools in Maryland and Virginia. And don’t his kids actually go to Dowling? What does that say about all of his so-called support for Iowa’s public education system? It’s unfortunate Chet’s education in Maryland and Virginia didn’t include a course in honesty and being open.

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