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Apparently, Iowa loves Alex P. Keaton. The Culver camp claims 1,000 people showed up at Drake University Monday to hear Michael J. Fox talk about stem cell research. Too bad they didn’t have chairs for them. The event started an hour late (Not sure why. No one explained it to the crowd). It didn’t feel like the air conditioning was on either. The conditions proved to be too much for some people, at least that’s what they told us as they left long before Fox showed up.

Those who stayed seemed completely “wow-ed” by Fox’s appearance. They interrupted him numerous times as he spoke. Each time, he paused, acknowledged them and continued.

Fox said his former character, Alex P. Keaton, (who you Family Ties fans will remember was a devoted Republican) would approve of him fighting for stem research funding.

Fox also recalled another character of his, Marty McFly, from his movie, Back to the Future. Fox talked about how the future had been stalled because there hasn’t been enough commitment to fighting diseases like Parkinson’s. So he closed his speech by saying (this was barely audible because of the applause from the crowd) “forgive me, but it’s time to get back to the future.”

(Outside the dome…)

Not sure what to make of this, but Ellen Degeneres on her show Monday seemed to be wearing the same tie I wore the other day when I spilled my Cafe Mocha all over it.

(It’s not too hard to see where the coffee ended up, huh? Can I send my dry cleaning bill to Caribou?)


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