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Happy Halloween. . . A Wedding Anniversary . . . Best Friends

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I’ve always loved Halloween. There’s nothing like dressing up in goofy outfits and getting gobs of candy. However, it’s taken me awhile to get used to the whole “Beggar’s Night” thing. Where I grew up, we went trick-or-treating on Halloween, not the night before.
At any rate, here is an adorable pic of my neice Megan (aka Sleeping Beauty) and nephew Colin (aka Bob the Builder). According to my sister-in-law Melinda, these two only made it to four houses before calling it quits. I’m sure the cold and windy conditions didn’t help.

Last Friday marked five years of marriage for me and Michael. Here we are in the limo post-ceremony/pre-reception. People keep asking us us what we did to celebrate, and everyone thinks we’re so weird when we say “nothing.” It’s bad timing more than anything, we just have a lot going on right now. But, it’s also that we’re ridiculously practical. Instead of spending money on gifts for each other, we’re spending money on remodeling a bathroom. That project should be done in a few months, and then we’ll probably plan a trip as a belated celebration. I guess the point is, what you do on THE DAY isn’t as important as how you treat each other EVERYDAY.

And finally, a bit about my best friend Beth. She’s third from the right in this very old picture that sits on my desk here at work. Beth makes a trip to Des Moines every October. We usually throw a huge Halloween party, but this year we were total slugs. That’s why there are no photos of this visit. Beth and I mostly hung out in our pajamas talking and watching old scary movies like The Shining. We’ve been through a lot together over the years, and this year I was struck by the fact that the things that make a good friendship also make a good marriage. Loyalty, honesty, love, laughter, compassion . . .

Right now, the news just wrapped up and I’m thinking I’m very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.

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  • Billi

    Great to hear from you again! Dont feel bad for not celebrating your anniversary. We have no big plans for our 5 year either, and I totally agree that it’s how you treat each other each day that matters. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I enjoy reading your blogs!

  • Heather R.

    Wow Erin, beautiful Wedding picture! We finally get to see the pictures of the husband :) I can remember when you both were on a radio station doing an interview about a year and a half ago. Good blog. Have a great Halloween Erin!

  • robert_nielsen

    Hey, Erin….congrats on your 5 years! And, having been married for <>11 years (!)<> myself, I agree with you & billi…it’s more how you treat each other day to day that matters….Bob

  • ErinEKiernan

    Hi, gang!Thanks for the comments – it’s great hearing from you.A quick correction. Not that it matters to you, but my friend Beth is the third person from the LEFT in the photo. Testament to the fact that it was late and I was rushing to finish the post.Have a great day!Erin

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