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Unhappy milestone in Iraq, Fox rallies for Culver, Beggars hit the streets

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Good morning!!!
It’s Trisha kicking off a few news items for you…Hopefully Pat will fill in some of the blanks when he’s back from his assignment this morning!
I’m back from an assignment….
It will run later in the week. As we run up to election day, I will be doing a preview of both the Fourth Congressional race and the Secretary of State race. I did my first interview for the fourth district race today….More on that in a moment.

Unhappy milestone
A marines death in Baghdad brings the October death toll for U.S. troops to 100 in Iraq, making it the deadliest month in a year.

Fox Rallies for Culver
Fresh off national media appearances fending off criticism from Rush Limbaugh, Michael J. Fox appears at Drake today at a rally for Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate Chet Culver. (2:45, Olmsted Center) The embryonic stem-cell issue is bound to come up. How big of an issue is this to Iowa voters, I wonder?
Pat again, As I said I was doing an interview with Dr Seldon Spencer. He’s the Democrat running for the fourth district.

Now before I say this…Let me be clear. I am not advocating anyone’s candidacy.

Dr Spencer had an interesting way of framing this debate however. He told me the way he looks at this is the same way he looks at offering a family of a patient options after death. (Following HIS argument here)If you will agree that life begins at conception, then that life has value just as the body of someone who has died. He thinks families should be given the option of donating that body to science, or as an organ donor. If the family believes that it will help someone else and it is within their religious/moral framework…They should be able to donate the embryo to science. It’s a way of framing the argument I’ve never heard. I’d be interest to hear comments. Please keep them civil.

Most dangerous city
They may have the claim to the World Series title this year, but St. Louis residents also have to deal with being named the most dangerous city in the US! This surprised me – I’ve been there, and it seems like a pretty nice place – anyone want to weigh in with some perspective on why it’s apparently such a rough city?
St Louis is actually re-vamping it’s downtown in the same way Des Moines is trying to. The new stadium is really nice and there’s new housing popping up all around it with retail and restaurants coming with the increase in people. St Louis can be rough but I don’t think anymore than any other city.

Great forecast for beggars!
I’m not sure if I can remember trick or treating in 60+ degree weather! The forecast looks great for tonight, when most metro suburbs have beggars’ night from 6-8pm. (Anyone else making a last-second mad dash for candy today? We ate most of ours already and need to re-stock the supply!) Too bad for cities like Ames that have their trick-or-treating tomorrow – Jeriann says the temp’s going to drop about 30 degrees overnight!
The Dix family has it’s candy ready. We need some jokes though. I can’t wait to hear them…So get em ready!

WHO’s dressing up
Did you see Fales and Murph dressed up on Soundoff last night? Andy definitely built up some karma being such a good sport as “My Name is Earl” – and who knew Keith was hiding those John Basetow guns under his suit? I’m told later today you’ll be able to look at them here on the website in case you missed the show!

As promised, here’s a photo from the Halloween party over the weekend – I wasn’t really that green, it’s just funky lighting. It was really fun being wicked, and the black wig made it hard for some of my co-workers to recognize me! That’s my friend Alissa with me – as a schoolteacher. (I tried to talk her into being Glinda the Good Witch, but the costume just wasn’t coming together, so she found a backuup plan!) What you can’t see in this photo is that I had on striped stockings, witchy boots, and long black fingernails (which were really painful to take off by the way!)

I wish I could show you more photos of other WHO’ers, but it was very dark in there, and my camera’s flash is messed up! The only way we got even this shot to come out was by having someone shine a flashlight on us! The party was really fun – lots of creative costumes, and many a little too creative (ahem) to tell you about here!

Spiderman ’round the clock

Here are a few other highlights from the Shepherd weekend – Cal turned 4 years old yesterday! He got the Spiderman suit for his birthday, and he wants to eat, sleep, and play in it. We took Spidey to Living History Farms with his friend Shay (a snow princess!) They had a great time running down the trail and collecting treats. It was PACKED with people Saturday!

My parents were also in town to help spoil him properly – there’s Grandpa helping Spidey learn how to ride his big bike with training wheels!
(I feel a little guilty I haven’t gotten him a helmet yet – that is on the agenda! We never had such things when I was learning how to ride! Luckily the only spills he took over the weekend were into the grass.)

And yes, he is wanting to wear the costume 24/7 – something I’m sure lots of other parents are dealing with. Here’s him napping in the spidey suit the other day. (Only my mom can get him to take a nap. I have no idea how she does it. He hasn’t napped for me in well over a year!)
My dad also got some great shots of Cal posing in front of the mirror showing off his superhero”muscles” – little boys are soooooo hilarious!

I hope Spidey doesn’t freak out that he can’t wear the costume to school today – we’ll put it on again for trick or treating tonight! I think Clara will be okay in her Tinkerbell dress as long as she has a turtleneck and tights since the forecast looks so nice.
Aahhh, Halloween. Don’t you sometimes wish you could be a kid again?

Just a couple of other things from the weekend. Sally and I were happy to have our friends Sarah and Matt Elbert in from Minneapolis. Sarah’s family is from Iowa (Spirit Lake I think), but this is the first time we’ve been able to get her and Matt down here because they’ve been living in New York. We’re glad to have good friends closer to us.


Saturday was my first visit to the Des Moines Arts Center. I’m ashamed and sad for myself. It was great. I don’t understand some of it…I would even go so far as to say I don’t consider it art…But that’s the great thing about an art center. We can have that debate. We also saw the Aisle Five exhibit we talked about last week. It was cool. Again, not sure if everyone will think it’s art, but it sure is creative. I liked it.

Saturday night…More shame, more sadness for me…

I’ve never been to Trostel’s Dish in Clive. I will be back. We had a great meal, and I wasn’t so full afterwards that I was rolling away from the table. Get the Short ribs…Spare ribs…whatever. My first experience with Shrimp Tempura was great…

Overall…Great food, great wine, good friends…It was a good night. We were sorry to miss the Halloween party.

Have fun tonight! Be safe!

Trish and Pat


  • Heather R.

    Way cute pictures Trisha! Sounds like you had a good weekend… Well the whole St Louis thing… I can weigh in on that. My dad and step mom live there. Theres always stuff happening there. But as you can guess, it happens everywhere, just not St. Louis. I know in the last few months, there have been 2 baby nappings in the area, just different stuff happening I guess. I think if you mind your own business and dont intentionally go out of your way to cause a fight, you’ll be A-okay. Actually am looking to re-locate down there. I am scared crapless, I will admit that, but anywhere can be like that. Dont ya think?Have a good Monday!

  • Anonymous

    hi there… i’m just a lurker but wanted to thank you for the blog. i enjoy what you have to say and your positive attitude and demeanor is so nice in these times (I think i’ve seen one too many negative politcal ads!) have a great week!! Ben

  • Anonymous

    I am also a loyal lurker and really enjoy reading about what goes on in your personal lives. It’s nice to hear the more “human” side to the people I watch every morning. I do wish that Brad would post more often, it would be nice to hear a little more about him. You guys are really great and keep up the good work!Meredith

  • Anonymous

    Another lurker here, and I’m loyal as well! I feel like I know you guys (and gals) so well because I wake up to you every morning. I feel like we could have a cup of coffee and chat like old friends… that is if Pat doesn’t drink all the coffee first :)OK, so I know much more about you (meaning Pat and Trisha… It’s strange to write that because I feel like I’m talking to you) But since you started this blog I’ve gotten to know you very well. But, I haven’t learned much more about Jerianne and Brad. I know a lot of people want to know more about Brad, and you can chalk me up as one of them. I saw him tonight at Merle Hay Mall when I was taking my daughter out for beggars night. He looks much younger in person. Maybe it is the way he dressed, Who knows! Anyway, I’d love to hear about him and Jerianne more… could you make that happen? BTW, I saw the zombie… Trisha, just save up and buy the thing. I can just see calvin hanging out with his Zombie friend in his room. He and grampa could have a great play date with him! OK, enough… I have to wake up to you in the morning!Beth

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Beth, Thanks for the comment! I’ll make sure Brad and Jeriann know people want to hear from them more often. About your zombie suggestion… I just can’t see putting that crazy thing in our house! It kind of gives me the creeps… Knowing Cal, he’ll be moving on to the next obsession soon… in fact, his new Spiderman costume may be eclipsing the zombie already! Have a great day!Trish

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