First Lady Visit, Football Playoff Wrap, My Goldenboy Brother

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Morning, blog-readers! It’s Trisha today.

Pat is again on assignment (he seems fired up today so I’ll bet he’s on a roll!) I’m back and Trish has a good sense of my mood. I am a little fired up and for good reason. We didn’t meet our own standards for you this morning. We made some mistakes…Some of which Trish will talk about. We’re human and we slip up at times, but if I seemed a little worked up…It’s because we didn’t deliver this morning.
Some of you may have noticed, some I am sure didn’t. I did and I promise we’ll try harder tomorrow and the next day…Well actually that’s Saturday…I won’t be trying very had at all.

Things have been quite busy around the newsroom as we get ready for the Tuesday election, and a ton of special reports we’ve been putting together for November! I finished up the second part of our 4th congressional district preview this morning. We went up to see Congressman Tom Latham in Colo.
He’s a nice guy, and gets genuinely fired up about things like ethanol. He was a seed salesman in a former life and you can see this is something he really believes in. I hope that comes through in the story we will air tomorrow night at six. Latham and his challenger Dr Selden Spencer(I’ve misspelled his name more times than I care to count) were a breath of fresh air in this campaign. They kept it clean, gave voters two very different candidates to choose from, and I am sure each would take the responsibility of representing the 4th district seriously. Look for the first story about Dr Spencer tonight at 6pm.

Once again this year, our photo-staff has decided NOT TO SHAVE for the entire month, growing out their November beards – I guess it saves them a few minutes each morning, and helps them save energy for their very busy days, while keeping their faces warmer when they’re out in the elements!

News of the day:
Laura Bush comes to Waterloo today at 2:45 for a Republican Rally. The GOP is fighting to keep control of Congress and they’re putting all the major players in key positions to get their party loyals fired up for Tuesday. The President will follow in her footsteps, appearing in LeMars tomorrow to campaign for Jim Nussle (the Republican running for Iowa governor.)

If you’re undecided about the governor’s race, I really recommend you watch our 10pm news tonight and tomorrow! Our political reporter Dave Price is profiling Chet Culver tonight, Sonya will be talking with Jim Nussle tomorrow.
Our entire team, but especially Dave Price does a really good job at presenting balanced, understandable, and interesting political coverage! I’m looking forward to watching his pieces, and seeing how the candidates handle his questions. Pat here, I agree with Trisha and will take it one step further. The polls show this to be a close race. Who knows if it will end up that way. I can’t stress enough how important it will be for you to get out and vote! No matter what your political affiliation, please take the time to make a choice. I hope all of Dave’s work helps you make an educated choice.

This surprised me a bit – the Des Moines city council didn’t decide last night which company to go with for the ethanol plant plans for the city’s southeast side. It ended in a tie vote. They’ll take up the issue again probably early next month. While it would be nice to see a decision made, it is good to see that leaders are willing to take their time if there’s true dissent over which company is the stronger choice.

Although we try very hard to be accurate, mistakes do happen. So thanks to the blogger who pointed out we were showing the wrong video when referring to Lincolnway’s ethanol plant in Nevada. (The chopper shot apparently shows the site of the proposed Des Moines plant, not the location of the current Nevada one.) It appears to have been a case of a communication snafu between the photographer and editor… We’re getting to the bottom of it! We appreciate your eagle eyes – and your forgiveness!

Loved this one – the good compound found in red wine seemed to counter some of the bad effects of obesity in mice! Read more about it here.
I’m definitely a fan of red wine, especially with a hearty meal, or sitting by the fireplace after a stressful day!
In fact, this picture looks really lovely to me right now. It’s 8:37 AM. Is that a bad thing? (it’s 5:00 somewhere, as they say…).
Amen to that! I have one word for you all, COSTCO! We’ve had a membership for a couple of months now and I have to say one of the benefits is the choice of red wines. I used to be strictly a beer guy, but after a honeymoon in Napa Valley, I learned to love wine. Red wine in particular.
For you wine lovers out there, the Wine Experience and JT’s are two places that really know their stuff. I’ve walked into the Wine Experience without a clue as to what I “should” buy and good ol’ Kyle Cabbage takes me over to a kind of wine I’ve never had…pops the bottle open so I can try it, and sure enough…He hit’s the mark every time. They also have amazing dinners over there. Guys, if you need a unique gift for Christmas…Get over there and book a dinner for your wife/girlfriend. It’s a steal.

Dowling surprised fans by losing to Sioux City East last night, 21-14.
Valley beat Lincoln 40-20, Ankeny beat Newton 38-21, and Southeast Polk beat Ottumwa 41-21.
Here are the Monday night 4A matchups:
SE Polk at Ankeny
Valley at Sioux City
Both games at 7pm.

Speaking of football, this is one of two weeks every year I take sides in and Iowa football game (The other will be when MIZZOU comes to Ames). I write in purple because my wife’s beloved, beleaguered and berated Northwestern Wildcats roll into Iowa City this weekend. All you Iowa fans should know why I’ll be wearing purple tomorrow. The Cats usually do pretty well, against Iowa. I feel an upset comin’ on… GO CATS!

Talking h.s. football always makes me think of my younger brothers. The older of the two, Kevin, is on my list today.

My brother Kevin is the kind of guy upon whom the world seems to smile. (Here he is with his wife, Kim, at her parents’ place in northern Wisconsin)
He’s smart, cool, and so understated-funny you just love to be around him. Things always seem go well for Kevin, and in many people’s eyes, he can do no wrong.

He tried to yesterday.

Check out what Kev and Kim sent Calvin for his birthday.
(No, the photo isn’t anyone we know, it’s off the Fisher Price website)
A giant racetrack – you have to SHAKE the cars to rev up their engines. Kevin says he picked it because it looked very noisy, and he thought Cal would like to make the cars crash.

He was right. We played for hour upon noisy hour last night, after a run to the store to buy the required 10AA batteries!!!

Just remember, Kev – I’m married to a drummer. Baby drum-sets make a lovely gift…So when you and Kim have kids… It’ll be payback time!

A little background on the Goldenboy – (I think his in-laws actually gave him that title!)

First of all, he was born on CHRISTMAS DAY! (what timing)
He got to come home in a Christmas stocking instead of a baby blanket. I was 4, and had to spend that Christmas morning at the neighbor’s house watching them open presents, until my grandma could get there. Not that I’m bitter. Really – my first sibling was a pretty awesome gift.

Nowadays Kevin is a chemist who just left a great job testing and developing drugs for Abbott Labs, to take an even better job testing and creating new gum and candy for Wrigley in Chicago! What kid doesn’t dream of working in a candy factory?! Only Kev could land such a cool gig without even really trying.

I know I’m shortchanging my other awesome brother, Brian – but there’ll be plenty to share about him in a couple weeks – we’re going to visit him and his new baby boy a week from Saturday!! I hope they don’t mind being “blogged” about.

Gotta run and get some stuff together for tomorrow’s newscast.

Hope you enjoyed the show and quick blog today – have a good day!
Trisha and Pat


  • Anonymous

    There was another “attack ad” on Big Ken & Colleen this morning, except this one was about Ed Wilson. “Ed Wilson claims to be a stand-up guy, but Ed Wilson’s a meterologist, which makes him a LIAR.” I love it! I wonder who they’ll do next . . . maybe Trisha? :)C

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that Brad is always the person who is “attacked” on this thing? My jaw was on the floor when I was reading the blogs from Wednesday!

  • Anonymous

    some people obviously need a life & get over the whole Brad thing! Ever heard of! Pat & Trisha~don’t be too hard on yourselves. Everyone has their “down days!” Oh & yum…red wine. Sam’s Club has their “seasonal” special wines that are on the end caps. Very cheap & very very good!

  • Anonymous

    I agree! Do you people actually think Brad is going to look at your blog and say, “Geez, I know I have a great girlfriend and all, but I think that this blog writer seems so much more my type!”Get a life!

  • Heather R.

    Trisha, that race track looks awesome! My cousins have something similar, but its not as noisy! Kinda brings back the good old days with the batteries and stuff. now you can buy giant size packs at Sams or Costco for like $9.99 for 30 of them I think it was, and there even Duracell. Have a good day peoples!

  • Anonymous

    cute christmas story on your brother Trisha loved it. :) My sister happened to be born one year on BEGGARS NIGHT I was 7 yrs old then. the only things I remember about that night were walking down the street Mom screaming My water broke not getting any candy and being blasted mad muttering “She had to come at this exact minute!” I love my baby sis though and she IS sweeter than candy that’s the inside family joke.:)-Brenda E.

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