Vilsack for President

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It’s official. Tom Vilsack is running for President of the United States. Oops. Maybe not. Or at least not yet.

KWQC-TV in Davenport reported Vilsack told its reporter in an exclusive interview today that he was running for president. The phone call I got after news of that story almost made me lose my Perkin’s brunch (ever tried that twinberry syrup there?). Of course, I burned up my cellphone trying to find out what was going on.

As it turned out, all the Governor said was that he was “seriously thinking” about running. As you know, that’s been his answer for the last few months. Phewh! Of course, in the end, what the station reported may not be so wrong after all. Stay tuned.


  • Anonymous

    I wish Vilsack would restore some of the Trust Funds he’s been robbing from during his time in office by donating his $100,000-some salary. He’s clearly more interested in running around the country looking for people telling him to run for President than doing his job here. The property rights issue is great example of how Vilsack has lost touch with everyday Iowans. The Legislature had to come back and overwhelmingly (Republicans and Democrats alike) vote to override the Governor’s veto. All of the scandels are more examples of how he doesn’t have control of things anymore. And did anyone notice that part of the reason all of the Maytag jobs went to Michigan is because their Governor offered Whirpool a $10 million to bring those jobs there. Where was Vilsack at the time? Answer: not even in the country. Two more companies took jobs out of the state and Vilsack wasn’t around then either. If I had “results” like that where I work, I’m pretty sure I’d be fired. I’d send a request to Governor’s office asking him to donate his salary. However, he’d be off listening to the residents of New Hampshire … er, Iowa, pleading for him to run for President. Even if he considered making the donation, I’m sure the answer would be “We’ll form a task force to look into it”.

  • Anonymous

    Does he really think he has a shot? SERIOUSLY.I thin the Governor is more concerned with his own ego and his own personal political agenda than he is with *Iowa’s* future.

  • Anonymous

    Although I don’t think much about polls, there was one taken this past summer that should be remembered. That poll showed only about 10% of Iowa voters would consider Vilsack for President. That’s a pretty low number for the time he’s been in office. If Vilsack hasn’t convinced a majority of Iowans that he has done such a great job that he should run for President, what possibly makes him thinks the rest of the country is going to back him? I like to think Iowans are known for our common sense. Please, Vilsack, illustrate some of that common sense now and stop even thinking about running for President.

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