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Foggy Start, Decision 2006, and Football Playoffs

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Good morning….No no…Over here…Can you see me? It’s a foggy start so it’s hard to see anything out there this morning. The good news…That means it’s warm…The bad news…It’s a slower trip to work especially if you have to travel any distance.

The fog helps us remind you of an important function for us on Today in Iowa as we head to winter weather season. Our school delays got a workout this morning. fog delayed a couple dozen schools. Remember, we’ll scroll the latest school delays on the bottom of the screen and we’ll update the delays on the web as fast as the internet can churn them out. Here’s how the process works. The districts, usually the superintendent, calls into an automated services with the delay. That usually happens around 6am. So, Mom and Dad…Watch around six if you think the kid’s school will be delayed or closed.

It’s Election Day! For most of you that means you go out and vote…I will too, but for us, the biggest change this morning was the absence of Political Ads on Today in Iowa. I half-expect our sales department to show up wearing black today. They’ve had a good run this political season, and they won’t have to wait long before the Iowa caucus candidates start buying up ads.
We feel fortunate because we don’t have to listen to the ads for two hours every morning.

Ok, so on to the actual voting…This is the important part right. I don’t care how frustrated or fed up you are. Get out and vote today. It’s a right a lot of us take for granted.
Liz Klinge went through the voting process for you yesterday and found some of the places people slip up.
If you don’t have your registration card, if you don’t know where to vote, don’t know how to vote? All of these questions and others we haven’t thought of can be answered on our Iowa Votes website and at your polling place. Remember the poll workers are there to answer your questions!

There was an interesting article in the DSM Register this morning about Doug Gross. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Doug at length several times since his run for Governor four years ago. It must be difficult to sit in his chair tonight and not wonder what might have been. It must also be a great comfort to sit in his chair tonight and know…You didn’t have to put up with all the extra #*%&! That goes with a run like this.

In Iraq they lifted the curfew put in place after the Saddam Hussein verdict. No word of any major violence yet this morning. We did find out a native Iowan was killed in action last week. Lt Col. Paul Finken died in a roadside bombing.

The football playoffs produced a great game last night in Ankeney. SE Polk and Ankeney had to go to overtime to settle it. The Rams are going to Cedar Falls for the first time in school history. Valley won it’s game against Sioux City East, but lost their star running back Alex Sandvig. The paper is reporting it’s an ACL injury. That’s bad. What’s worse is seeing it happen to a kid who’s worked hard to help his team. I thought about the kicker in the Ankeney/SE Polk game too. Ya think he’ll remember that moment for the rest of his life?

Election news is dominating the headlines all over the place and for those of you who hate politics we’re sorry. For those of us who love it….It’s like being a kid in a candy store. These are the nights we will look back on 20 years from now with a perspective on how it changed the direction of the country. It is living history.

That’s not a commentary…Whatever happens tonight will change the direction of the country. I’m a geek and I admit it…

Have a good dayt. I’m going to get some sleep while I can…Who know when we’ll be coming in tonight/tomorrow morning.


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