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It’s been a hard day’s night…

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  • Anonymous

    Who is the doofus from WHO-TV who decided to run election results on the ticker without indicating who is a Dem and who is a Repub. Had to switch to KCCI for election results (since I’m not sure who all the candidates were from each party).

  • Max

    Thanks for all the insight last night. Bet you won’t read this till Friday, if you are lucky. Do you now get time off or does the workload continue to be big since the change was so big?

  • farmer's daughter

    WAS trying to listen to LOCAL news over lunch hour and was forced to hear some of “W’s” press conference. Not paying too much attention, but he sure seems defensive and almost OFFENSIVELY fending off certain questions. Obviously, he must feel that he has to justify certain actions, policies, and the actual MESS that he has created during his presidency. I’m not even a registered Democrat! If anyone noticed, it was quite interesting/entertaining to listen to him “bite” at some reporters’ questions. Guess it hurts when you have to face the fact that the nation as a whole, is not very happy with you and the job you have done. I have always felt he was immature as a politician AND person from the very beginning. I may have been right all along. Will not fluff my feathers any more – but i am actually excited to see what happens and comes about now after the election, and personnel changes take place. Definitely feel that it will take work and cooperation from EVERYONE – despite any political affiliations. All that i can hopefully say is: “Please, God, let the changes for the BETTER begin!” Good morning, Mr. Sporer. How are you doing/feeling today? Know you will bounce back quickly and for sure, will do it well… You always do! Just was glad you were MY attorney and not for my former spouse… ;) KB

  • Dave Price

    I agree. That was quite a butt-whoopin’. I didn’t get the sense that even democrats thought they would do so well. Now, for all you democrats in the state who said republicans didn’t give you a chance to do anything…Be careful what you wish for. Starting next January, here’s your chance!

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy for the Dem, however, I think Gov. V has a couple of months to work at being governor. I would hate to see his 2 months salary going for trips around the country. We still have business as usual in Iowa.

  • Anonymous

    Now all dem, can stop blaming the rep party for everthing you big boys will be in charge now, so america now is the time to hang on tight, becouse everything is going to hell in a hand bag, starting in january!! LETS JUST SEE WHAT THOSE WHINNING,PISSY EYED,LIBERALS DO WITH THERE SO CALLED GLORY!!!!

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