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Bad acetaminophen, Sugar…bad…and Arts Expo

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I’d say good morning but I’ve already looked outside. Bundle up. This is the kind of day that makes people think about moving the Phoenix.

More Iraq Deaths
This morning there was another announcement of Americans killed in Iraq. This is getting to be too familiar a headline. Here’s a new twist…This morning’s report of three US servicemen killed was identical to yesterday’s story. The circumstances, or at least the description was the same. Our producer thought they might be the same thing. I’m still not sure but this report looked new this morning.
Step back for a second and realize it’s getting to the point where we can’t tell the reports apart. Not good.

Bad Medicine
Earlier we put up a link to info on the generic acetaminophen recall. Elizabeth Klinge did a good job of sorting through this. It’s the generic version of Tylenol.
Not a major health threat but you could get sick and in an extreme case the metal shards in these pills could cut your mouth and throat.

Building Common Ground
The shift of power in Washington after the election continues to manifest itself in the form of another photo of for The President today. He’s going to meet and have lunch with the potential Majority leader…Harry Reid.

I say potential because there’s another possibility. There’s a compelling theory put out by the Atlantic Monthly, in last months issue. It basically says, Why would Hillary Clinton want to run for President? She’s a powerful Senator who’s going to be re-elected as long as she wants in NY state. The article sets up a scenario where she becomes majority leader in the Senate and doesn’t run for president. The article says she doesn’t want to put up with the kinds of issues she’s going to have to deal with in a run for the presidency. I bet you all the money in my wallet (not much) that the first question at a Hillary for president news conference would start, “So about the Rose lawfirm, or…So, about Whitewater….”. Why not stay in the Senate? Just putting that out there.

Veterans Day
It’s Veterans day tomorrow…or is it today? It’s both. The observed holiday is today for federal state and city employees. You still get mail, and the garbage guys still come to pick up today. Tomorrow is the holiday. There are several observances including the big one at Vets downtown at eleven.

Trish gets the Cliff Claven…”Ahhhh it’s a little known fact that…” award today.

If you don’t know who Cliffie is…god help you.
Here’s a sampling of Clavenisms

Anyway Trish came up with the fact that most observances of Veterans Day are at eleven in the morning. It commemorates the exact time(11am) date(the 11th) and month(Nov) the treaty was signed ending World War One.
Trish here – I felt silly for not knowing that fact, and thought I would enlighten the rest of our viewers too! I learned about it when chatting on the phone with the director of the Iowa Veterans home about their ceremony today. I wrote that tidbit of history into the script for our newscast – and I think it caught Pat by surprise the first time he read it on the air today! TS

Side Note #2:
I’m reading a really good book on WWI. It’s by Jeff Shaara. He’s the guy who did the Civil war book..Angels and Deamons. He also did one about the Revolution, the Mexican-American War and now WWI. It’s history based fiction. Good read and gives a pretty accurate overview of the war. The book is called To the Last Man .

So anyway, Happy Veterans Day. I’ll let Trish take over…


Pat and I are in big trouble. People who put lots of sugar in their coffee, or drink lots of soda, have a hugely increased risk of pancreatic cancer. Just what we wanted to hear as we sipped our fourth cup of strong and highly-sweetened brew.

Metro Arts Two Rivers Expo at HyVee Hall starts today! Aren’t you envious of people with artistic talent? I have NONE.


Check out what my Grandad made for Calvin’s birthday present… I’m not even sure what you call this instrument – it’s sort of like a wooden xylophone. It makes a really beautiful sound, each key has its own pitch. Cal brought it to preschool for show and tell, and they liked it so much they’re keeping it there for a while for the kids to play!

My dad’s dad is a genious with woodwork. Grandad built his house (in rural central Illinois) and everything in it – with the kind of detailed, gorgeous wood craftsmanship that’s absolutely priceless. And that’s just his hobby – he’s a retired minister! He also writes really nice poetry and bakes the best homemade bread I’ve ever tasted. I wish that any one of my talents were half as impressive as all of his!

I hope you got to see our video of Brad Ehrlich competing in the Mr. Habitat “pageant” last night! (He came in 2nd) He was doing a dance routine with the Southeast Polk dance sqad, and fell on his you-know-what during the kickline! To his credit, it looked like he gave it his all, and was a really good sport – and anyone who spends that much time working for such a worthy organization deserves our applause! I’m glad he got this morning off to recover from his big night and big fall!

And Finally, do you ever have those mornings where nothing is easy?
This morning I swear I got up and went into the bathroom and actually thought…ok what’s next? My brain is moving really slowly. I went into the coffee room, poured myself a cup of coffee and actually tried to pour it in the trash can…I’m not sure why but it was like slow motion. I was having this conversation with myself
“What in the heck are you doing…You don’t want to pour that out…snap out of it!”
And that was just the time it took me to get the cup from the coffee maker to the trash can…I felt like it was three minutes…
The on-air performance wasn’t much better. Trish and I were like the Keystone Cops of Morning news… Glad it’s the weekend.
I agree – my brain is mush! I’m looking forward to a much needed getaway to visit my parents in Illinois this weekend. They usually spoil me rotten, cooking meals and handling the kids in the early morning so I can sleep in!
Ian has to work in Des Moines so he’ll be bach’in it all by himself with no wife or kids! (Just a to-do list that he doesn’t know yet I will be leaving him!)
I should come back with some pix of my new 6-week-old nephew whom I hear is starting to smile! Cal and Clara will get to meet him for the first time – I know I’ll cry. The three of them look so much alike it’s spooky. There must be some strong genes in my side of the family!

Have a good one!
Pat and Trisha


  • Heather R.

    Hah Hah. I did not see Brad fall on his butt, but that would have been funny. I was actually a member of the SEP RhythAMetteS my freshman year. I then switched to cheerleading my sophomore year. Our kick routines rock!!! Good try Brad! Good luck to SEP tonight against Valley! With the whole dumping sugar in your coffee thing, thats actually funny you mention that.. at work, they have coffee every morning. I cant stand the smell, taste or to even look atit, but I think its funny when they use like 5 packets of splenda in ONE CUP!! ONE CUP!! Thats crazy stuff. That instrament looks cool Trisha! Bet you will regret bringing that back home some day :)Have a good weekend Pat, Trish, Jeriann, and Brad!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the Veteran’s Day tidbit with us. I’m a bit embarrased to say I didn’t know, But I’ll tell you what, I’ll ALWAYS Remember Now! Every American needs to know that!!!! We musnt forget what our Good Men gone before us have done, and what the Good Men and Women are doing NOW for US and OUR COUNTRY! GOD BLESS YOU!!!-BRENDA E.

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